An NLEX Corporation Employee Newsletter | Volume 2 No. 1 | April 2020


Glenn G. Campos: Work-from-Home Tips During ECQ

By: Lani B. Marcelino

“…to maintain a boundary between work and life, conscious effort should prevail to achieve work-life balance”

– Glenn G. Campos, Technology Division Head

By now many of us may have already realized how much more difficult it is to work from home, as work is in front of you all the time and extends beyond the regular working hours. One reminder that I’d like to give is to still maintain a boundary between work and personal life. There should be conscious effort in achieving work-life balance, as our wellness program, OneLife, so advocates.

Leaving the office at the end of every work day and driving or commuting home is a forced boundary that sets our work apart from our personal life.  With our work-from-home setup now, that boundary is gone.

If you don’t make a conscious effort to shut down your computer, it is easy to just continue working into the evenings or over the weekends.  You keep on working for more hours and round the clock.  To prevent this, you have to establish clear boundaries, such as:

  1. Setting a closing time to your workday.  If your work schedule normally ends at 6 pm, stick with it. That way, you are defining your personal time.
  2. Changing into more comfortable clothes after work time also helps, as it makes you feel that it’s now your personal or family time.
  3. Instituting physical boundaries through routines – exercising and taking coffee breaks in different spots in your house could be a form of setting physical boundaries.

Employees who feel that they lack control over their schedules are at risk of burning out.  Creating a schedule that designates work, family and personal time can help you regain a sense of control, thereby making you more productive in the end.

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