An NLEX Corporation Employee Newsletter | Volume 2 No. 1 | April 2020

The Podium

Disruption + Realization

By: J. Luigi L. Bautista

A friend once asked me: Given a choice, will I be willing to go through the difficult phases of my life all over again? I replied with a comical question: Are you really a friend? Do you want me to endure those unpleasant experiences again?

But on a second thought, after contemplating on the importance of my friend’s probing, I seriously gave him my answer:  a resounding YES!  As I and my friend explored deeper into his profound question, I explained further: Those challenging episodes, I realized, were the most enlightening moments in my life. They were opportunities which tested my character and taught me the greatest lessons in my life and career.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic which disrupted our business plans, I again, became aware that there were quite a number of realizations we all can learn from this crisis. Let me share at least three lessons:

1. There is no foolproof plan. While we believe we have already laid out a well-structured and thought-out plan, as it turned out, it was not a perfect one after all. We have never anticipated a crisis of this nature. I believe nobody does, unless one is a psychic who can foretell the future. And as we see now, the whole world was caught flat-footed by this health crisis.

2. These challenging times are real opportunities. Instead of harping on the negative impact of the crisis, we can wield it instead to test our endurance and resilience as employee and a company as a whole. These are circumstances that drive us to grow and be better. More than a month since the enhanced community quarantine, we have, somehow, adapted to the new normal, while at the same time, never failed to  pursue our commitment to provide the best service to our motorists.

3. We can bounce back. It is just a question of how fast we can do it. I am confident that with our concerted mind and effort towards the achievement of our goal, there is no doubt that we will prevail and get back on our feet again. Why? Because we are made for this and the attitude to never give up is ingrained in our system.

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year — truly a memorable occasion! I firmly believe the past 15 years have defined who we are as a company.  Our history as a premier tollway company could attest that we can rebound and recover.  We have been through tough times and true to form, we were able navigate and pull through. In other words, I am confident we can take on the challenges before us and in the years ahead.

Years from now, as we recall this crisis, I hope it will serve as an inspiration to all of us; of our resolve to pull ourselves together to face the challenges and overcome them. We will stand proud. Kakayanin natin ito kasi NLEX tayo!

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