An NLEX Corporation Employee Newsletter | Volume 2 No. 1 | April 2020

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Through Trying Times

By: Elvin B. Cruz

In times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, how does a company like ours cope and persevere? Despite all the discouraging events around us, how did we prove our battle cry “NLEX Tayo, Nag-iingat at nagsisilbi!“?

The onset of the pandemic

On March 16, 2020, President Duterte placed the whole Luzon under the “Enhanced Community Quarantine” (ECQ) which restricted movement of people and goods in our expressway. Like many other transportation-related businesses, NLEX Corporation was not spared from the negative impact of the pandemic. Our traffic and revenues fell to historic lows, our projects were suspended, employees were challenged to report for work, safety of everyone became the top concern along with efforts to continue business operation.

Coping with the Crisis

Tasked to provide means for employee transportation, our fleet management team arranged for extended “door-to-door” shuttling of employees.

The company provided additional support to our employees through the #AlagangNLEX Program – frontliners allowance, free meals, vitamins, sleeping areas, face masks and shields.


In order to ensure the safety of everyone, frequent disinfection and preventive measures were immediately put in place at company premises.

Our management kept regular communication with the employees and assured everyone that things are under control and management is on top of everything.

Work from home scheme was implemented for employees who can remotely do their jobs.


Employees were consulted on their conditions and feelings during the crisis.


Some of our patrol crews volunteered to help in the toll collection.

9Even our NLEX Road Warriors expressed support to our frontliners.


We all paid tribute to our brothers and sisters in the frontline.

With our collective efforts, we were able to continue with the business, provide support to one another, and more importantly, deliver world-class service to our customers in these trying times.

 Moving on to the “New Normal”

Our management and leaders have initiated preparations for the post-ECQ period when we can work through the new normal. Even our business plans were adjusted to respond to the call of the times. In days to come, new work guidelines that will enable us to work more efficiently will be rolled out.

As of this writing, the government has just announced the extension of the ECQ until May 15. COVID-19 cases continue to rise locally and abroad. Our revenues, though slowly improving, are still below target.

Despite all the discouraging events around us, we NLEX Corporation employees remain resilient and hopeful for the future. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide the best service to our customers. We are not afraid to embrace changes, for we are well-prepared to adapt to them and we are equipped with the robust business continuity plans that we have refined through our years of experience. We will always be proud to wear our badge of service that attests to our dedication to work despite the dangers we face everyday.

NLEX Tayo, Nag-iingat at Nagsisilbi!

Credits: Photos taken from the Northloop Facebook page.

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