An NLEX Corporation Employee Newsletter | Volume 2 No. 1 | April 2020

Executive Opinion

A Positive Perspective of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Precious Irene A. Celso

The Executive Opinion features our leaders’ take on current issues. For this issue, we asked NLEX Ventures Corporation President, Renie U. Ticzon, for a positive perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disruption is generally regarded as a negative occurrence that “Disrupts” the normal and traditional way of how things work. In fact, the dictionary defines it as “disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity or process. This definition is probably synonymous to “interruption” which has a largely negative connotation.

We can become better citizens of this world by realizing and accepting that we need to change some of the ways we do things.

Renie U. Ticzon, NVC President

In todays business world, Disruption has become a cornerstone of invention and innovation, the catalyst of change and the pivot point of new and fundamental directions. Some disruptions take many years or even generations to unfold, such as the Global Warming Crisis. The realization and acceptance that this phenomenon is happening is taking much to long, leading to the slow but sure destruction of our planet. On the other hand, the COVID-19 Pandemic has only taken a few months to wreak fear to the whole world which has already claimed approx. 200,000 lives and still NO vaccine in sight. Indefinite containment through Community Quarantine and Lock down is all that can be done to arrest the rapid spread of the dreadful virus. Sadly, eradication, as done with polio, SARS, MERS, etc. is no where in sight at this time with no vaccine. There is no light at the end of this tunnel….. YET.

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As we try to survive the wrath of this Pandemic Disruption, We can, actually turn a positive eye to some development to what can lead to what we now call, NEW NORMAL. We can become better citizens of this world by realizing and accepting that we need to change some of the ways we do things. We should become more responsible and accountable for the things we do and how it affects our society and environment, like the importance of God and Family, the importance of health and nutrition, the importance of our company and friends, the importance of our environment and preserving its food bearing capacity, and many more. We begin to realize that too much time is spent in the office and in traffic and that life-work balance has taken a back seat. We realize that we have not taken care of ourselves and our loved ones in providing quality life, by listening to music or watching a movie, or eating pizza together.

As we have literally been locked-up for one month a half now, positive changes should come to mind. It’s a good time to reflect on these things and set it right for when we go back to society under  NEW NORMS that will create a better world for all of us. We should take away some positive changes from this serious and grave DISRUPTION and come out of it as better individuals, better families and friends and better company. Let not our sacrifices be in vain. Let it be our investment and capital for a brighter and happier future for ourselves and our children.

Please, let us NOT hibernate. Let us actively prepare and be ready to move forward when the doors opens to a new world.

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