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Nourishing Faith during the New Normal

by: Lani B. Marcelino and Kath V. Alfaro

When the pandemic and lockdown started, what most people thought about is when this situation will end and when will things go back to normal. Some of us had their faith shaken and began to question God why did He allow this thing to happen and why did God let people suffer?  But some found the situation to be a chance to commune with God and strengthen their faith, resolve to live with a positive outlook, and find comfort with the help of various media for spiritual growth.

“We don’t want to come back in lamentation, we want to come back in celebration.”

Some of our colleagues shared how they were able to grow and nourish their spirituality during the pandemic and period of transitioning to the new normal:

“Religious organizations have also adapted to these changing and challenging times. The pandemic didn’t hinder us, Christ believers, from strengthening our faith and continuing our trust in Him. I listen to God’s Word through TV broadcasts and online platforms used by most religious organizations nowadays.

Since the lockdown, I was not able to go home to my family in Calamba. Daily Bible reading (at least one chapter a day) helps me to drive away fear, worries and sadness brought about by Covid-19.

I also attend weekly Bible study with my group of fellow believers in Christ via FB messenger group video chat.  This provides me a venue to reflect, share and discuss God’s message.” – Janice Clerino, Manager, Treasury


“While adapting to the new normal, wherein physical visits to churches to attend mass and daily novenas are prohibited, social media helped us in filling up our thirst for God’s wisdom and grace, mercy and love through His words.

My family has been a follower of TV Maria, Bishop Ambo David and Fr. Jerry Orbos through their social media/ YouTube accounts. Their daily posts, even before the lockdown, have always been our source of spiritual nourishment, aside from reading the Bible. Also, we are fortunate that our local church has adopted the new normal by sharing via live stream the daily masses in our dialect.

All these social media accounts have been God’s messenger in reminding us to nurture our spiritual being with serenity.

Constant communication with God through prayer and examination of conscience have always been my guide. I remind myself of the serenity prayer in every state of life – good or bad – as it represents the meaning of TRUE acceptance.

In this time of pandemic, only God, our Creator and Redeemer, has all the power to “grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference”. “Pray, hope, and don’t worry”, as Father Pio reminds us, for “God’s blessings is upon us all.” – Annel Ros, Manager, General Accounting

“Since the religious gatherings are not allowed due to the pandemic, our church (KKBI) in Baliuag created a group chat. Leaders and members of the church share Bible verses to enlighten everyone and send prayers for protection. It helps strengthen our faith and makes us closer to God during this time of transition.” – Jasmin D. Feliciano, Sr. Associate, ESH



“If there is one blessing that I have realized during the time of this pandemic is the blessing of being closer to God in deeper sense and meaning.  A simple but sensible Facebook post says it all —  we cannot gather together to pray, churches are closed, but people worship each and everyday.

This pandemic has provided me with a very meaningful and profound understanding of my faith in God.  Growing up as a kid, it was enough to join my family in going to mass, praying novenas and the rosary, and participating in religious processions and celebrations. As an adult, the lockdown helped me understand that the Holy Eucharist is the holiest of all forms of prayers.  As a family, we prepared for online masses during Sunday.  I now know how to pray and lead a rosary prayer and reflect on it.  More than that, I came to realize that  apart from the devotion to our Virgin Mary, the  Holy Rosary helps us to reflect on the life of our Lord Jesus.

This deeper spirituality makes me convey my prayers for protection from COVID-19 not only for myself and my family but for my relatives, friends, co-workers, our dear frontlines and the less fortunate.  It has also given me the opportunity to help other people and it has transformed the prayer into action.  We need not go far to help.  Around us in our community are our garbage collectors, jeepney drivers, vendors, and others who have no means of having an income during the lockdown.

It is my prayer that in God’s grace He will help me to continue my deep relationship with God even during the “new normal”.” – Paeng Roque, Associate, Docs Control

The community quarantine taught us to accept that whether we like it or not, this pandemic has already changed the world we live in– things will never be the same again, at least in the near foreseeable future. Beyond the negative things this pandemic has brought our lives, we all must see the brighter side of things – that we are blessed, we are loved by God, and that he will never leave us during these trying times. May we all find the spirit of God working on our lives, no matter what our situation may be, everyday.


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