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CGurado highlights how the Core Values of Corporate Governance are practically applied at various MPTC Units

CG Core Values and MPTC’s Response to COVID-19

by: Rodel C. Lorico

Our core values serve as our compass on how we should be working together as they influence the way we think and act. These values guide our actions on a daily basis, more so in this time of pandemic, and as we transition to the “new normal”.

Our core values are very much at work during these times when the entire nation was placed under different levels of community quarantine. If the Philippines has its IATF or the Inter-Agency Task Force leading the combat against COVID-19, MPTC also has its own “IATF” – the time-honored values of Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, and Fairness.

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When ECQ was implemented and almost all of the employees were working-from-home, away from our colleagues and bosses, we were still able to run the business and perform our respective functions responsibly. That is a clear manifestation of integrity and accountability.

The same is true with our frontliners such as toll tellers, patrol crews who at one point became “patrellers”, and traffic personnel, drivers, utility personnel, customer care, safety and security personnel, technicians and maintenance team, who bravely responded to the call of duty to ensure the safe and comfortable travel of our motorists.

In the midst of this pandemic, where we are battling an invisible “enemy”, one of the reliable weapons to counter that invisibility is through transparency. We do not want the so-called “second wave” to strike, thus, timely and complete disclosure of our “health status” and/or symptoms will be very helpful to contain the disease and avoid infecting others.

Management was also transparent — they were quick to apprise the employees of the status of our businesses and of the plans on how to survive this crisis. Our President & CEO Rodrigo E. Franco issued several letters and gave timely updates to employees. In those times when the situation seemed to be very uncertain, no less than our Chairman – MVP, issued very comforting words via his Easter Sunday Message that this crisis will not put our jobs at risk. Truly, a testament of transparency.

When the ECQ was also implemented here in Cebu, we immediately requested an exemption from Cebu City to resume work on certain portions of the CCLEX Project. That was a crucial balancing decision of fairness and accountability. There were risks, but we knew that resuming the work would enable the construction workers to continue earning wages so they would not just rely on the subsidy from the government. It was also our way of trying our best to deliver our commitment to the government of having the project completed in time for the celebration of 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines in 2021. That was done with utmost consideration on safety as we, together with our main contractor, remain committed and accountable for the safety and health of our people.

The Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) will be such a wonderful sight at night. It will feature a lighted cross on top of the pylons.

We are also thankful that our lenders who were fair enough in allowing us to proceed with the much-needed loan drawdown in the height of ECQ implementation last April. Fairness was also exhibited by paying our contractor on time despite the lockdown. As our partner in the CCLEX Project, we also extended donations to our LGU-Grantors – Cebu City and Municipality of Cordova.

The above are just few examples of the instances where the CG core values were exhibited during this crisis. I know we also have our own stories where the core values were put into action.

And as we now transition to the “new normal”, we can always hold on to this time-tested CG core values of Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, and Fairness as our compass to guide our decisions and actions in confronting the rough seas that we are all navigating now.



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