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The Rise of the Online Selling World

by: Jovit Caballero & Jennie Suarez

The COVID-19 community quarantine resulted in the closing of many business establishments ranging from small enterprises to large-scale operations. For most of us, the online selling world has become one of the reliable sources of our daily needs. But if there is any good thing caused by being locked up inside our homes, this could be the opportunities that came with it.

For safety and health reasons, most NLEX employees have been on work-from-home and skeletal workforce set-up. This gave a lot of us not only the opportunity to spend more time with our families, but also the chance to explore more of our creative and entrepreneurial sides. Here are some of our employees who made the most out of their spare time outside work:

“This pandemic caused the rebirth of my wife’s passion for baking. Social media is a great factor kaya mabilis nakilala yung product. We’ll stick with online selling kasi it’s safer and more convenient, more time to plan and execute.” – Jerome Cunanan, Supply Chain Management

“I just started selling during the ECQ. I’m shy at first, but I told myself that I shall try something new which will help me grow as a person. I think this quarantine period will be the peak of online businesses. Power!” – Claire Mendoza, Traffic System Engineering

“I am very thankful that our company has been very supportive during these times. But out of curiosity, I just tried online selling this ECQ to make myself more productive.” – Hershey Anastacio, Toll Collection 

“Online selling has now been very much in-demand for a lot of people who are just staying home. There are some difficulties with suppliers and deliveries, but we always manage. My secret to success is to always trust your product.” – Aphen Torres, Supply Chain Management

“With the new normal, I think it will boost the online businesses. Kailangan laging maging matapat at marespeto sa customers para magtiwala sila.” – Tin Martin, Customer Care Department

Weng Flores (4th from the left)

“Our kimchi business was conceptualized by my husband about only a month ago. I think it boomed during ECQ because samgyeopsal meals are in. Another way to keep ourselves busy at home.” – Weng Flores, Supply Chain Management

“We are receiving a lot of orders now compared to the normal days. I think more people will still choose to buy online to prevent the spread of the virus. As a seller, one must possess strong confidence especially with his product.” – Jonathan Garcia, Toll Collection

Truly, our current situation enables us not just to maximize our resources, but also to make more out of it. On the other side of the spectrum, the buyers’ community has a lot to say as well. This made their grocery or market hauling experience easier, safer, and better. Below are some NLEX employees who patronize the online selling world:

Jeo Galisim (5th from the left)

For products which are not too particular with specifications, I prefer to buy it online. It is more convenient, there’s still a lot that can be explored. – Jeo Galisim, Asset Management Department

“I am an avid online buyer since then. The new normal would certainly affect the online selling world since social distancing is still observed and people are still afraid of going outside.” – Ana Luisa Cruz, Non-Toll Business

Anshe Roberto (1st from the left)

“I have friends who sell online so I started supporting them by buying their products. I still prefer the traditional way of buying our necessities, but of course, for now, we must choose the safer way.” – Ansherina Roberto, Traffic Ops

Arnel Tababa (5th from the left)

“I always buy swimwear online because there are lots of varieties. Though the suppliers and deliveries are affected by the community quarantine, I think online businesses will still grow.” – Arnel Tababa, Toll Collection

“Before, I prefer buying physical copies of games. But now, I realized that it is much easier and cheaper to buy it online.  I think online businesses will be the new normal after the pandemic.” – Julius Gatchalian, Asset Management Department

I usually purchase supplement products for my daily training. I started patronizing online businesses last 2017 since some relatives sell products online. This will be a big part during our new normal due to the threats of COVID-19. – Jenny Chico, Non-Toll Business

Transitioning to the new normal is not going to be easy. This entails a lot of adjustment which include its effect on our traditional way of buying necessities.  Since we are already practising both online selling and buying during these trying times, and there is a lot of good feedback that comes along with it, this might jump-start the rise of the online selling world.


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