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Feedback on Office Physical Changes Initiatives

By: Beverly May D. Ramos and Charmina M. Galvez


As we all transition to the new normal, our management ensures safety of everyone in the workplace by preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection. While sanitation and disinfection are continuously being done, all employees are encouraged to observe physical distancing while in the office premises.

Asset Management Department (AMD), the group which is on top of the physical changes in the workplace, implemented measures that would promote safety at work. They  devised initiatives that would ensure safe physical interaction between NLEX employees.

Some of these initiatives include installation of caution tape on stairways and along corridors, rearranging and reducing chairs in common areas like the canteen and meeting rooms, installation of temporary separator between cubicles, and placing of signage like maximum room occupancy and one-seat-apart posters. We asked employees for some feedback on these safety measures, and here are their responses:

Installation of Signage on Physical Distancing (One Lavatory Apart)

“This initiative has been helpful in reminding employees to maintain proper social distancing in all places even inside restrooms. Everybody is at risk of contacting the virus so a continuous reminder is very helpful.”Angelica Joyce H. De Jesus

Rearranging Tables and Chairs in Canteens

“For the new arrangement of tables and chairs, at first, I was not comfortable with it since I was accustomed to sharing one table with my colleagues and having small talks during lunch breaks. However, during this pandemic, we have no choice but to try our best to maintain social distancing for the benefit of ourselves, family and others.”Merylle Jane J. Espejo

Installation of “Do Not Sit Here” in Connected Chairs

“When you look around ,you can see these markings on the chairs upon entering TOCB and other NLEX facilities which reminds everyone of observing social distancing even when sitting.”Allan C. Sugue

Installation of Caution Tape  as Floor Markings

“The manner that caution tape in stairways is designed to serve two purposes – it’s reminding “watch your step” and “keep right at all times”. AMD did a good job in encouraging correct movement of employees.”Juan Pablo T. Cambel

Rearrange Chairs in Conference Rooms and Installation of Maximum Capacity Signage

“It is great to set maximum capacity in each rooms, as well as having a regular cleaning and disinfection in the area. It helps us always practise good hygiene and observe social distancing.”Merylle Jane J. Espejo

Installation of Queuing Line Markings

“This is very helpful to remind the employees to follow proper social distancing even while walking or while waiting in line and to develop a more disciplined behavior in and out of the office.”Angelica Joyce H. De Jesus

TMS Briefing Room Capacity Decreased by 50%

“These markings reminds every patrol crew to observe social distancing while we conduct our daily shift briefing.”Allan C. Sugue

Installation of Plastic Curtains

“This plastic barriers prevent the possibility of spreading the virus from one person/group to another while having important transactions. This is very helpful since we do not want to have direct contact with as many persons as possible.” Angelica Joyce H. De Jesus

Installation of Temporary Cubicle Partition

“This initiative clearly protects employees to avoid direct contact with other employees. Being isolated in your work area may be lonely, but it is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from spreading or contacting the virus.”Angelica Joyce H. De Jesus

Installation of Wood Separator on Tables

“We’ve all been complying with the “wear your face mask” rule. Additionally, AMD secured another level of protection by installing a wood separator. Congratulations for a job well done.” – Juan Pablo T. Cambel

How were these changes received by NLEX Corporation personnel?

“Asset Management initiative in physical changes to prevent COVID-19 in the company is a thorough action plan that established a safe and healthy workplace. Measures like these provide peace of mind for employees like me. It reflects the credibility of our company for being a compliant, competent and prepared organization. Thank you for the care and protection from this pandemic. “– Jemalin S. Sorongon, Financial Reporting Sr. Associate, Accounting Dept.

“So far the initiatives po ni AMD para sa social distancing ay ok naman po. Kailangan na lang po ay sumunod lahat ng personnel na gumagamit sa facilities mapa-employado man o bisita.” – Raymond B. Baniaga, Toll Systems Supervisor, Technology Division

The workplace changes were effective and timely implemented even before we resumed normal operations. These small initiatives will have greater impact to stop the spread of the virus. With all the initiatives currently in place, we hope to transition to the new normal with ease and with everyone safe. Let us all observe physical distancing and other safety measures in our daily lives especially in our workplaces. Stay safe and healthy!  


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