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An Aureus Milestone for NLEX’s 15th Year: NLEX is Investors in People Gold Standard Certified

by: Mayen Ligot

Facebook Live Celebration of the IiP Gold Accreditation of NLEX Corporation

Finally! After six months of waiting, NLEX Corporation has been awarded the Investors in People (IiP) Gold Standard on its first accreditation as a merged company last May 29, 2020.

Our President and General Manager, JLLB, said that this IiP Gold Standard is “a mark of excellence in leadership and people management practices” and that it is a culmination of 15 years of building a company culture that puts people at the center of its business in order to achieve its mission and vision.

The celebration of the company’s accreditation was held through a Facebook live event last June 24, 2020. Employees were treated with packed meals and golden utensils as tokens of appreciation.

The highlights of the IiP accreditation are as follows:

  • There is a high level of trust in the organization as evidenced in the systematic handling of change and the way people collaborate to get tasks done with the encouragement and support of their leaders
  • People management practices, from recruitment, development and career progression and reward and recognition all contribute to build an engaged, competent and agile workforce
  • People think NLEX is a great place to work because of inspiring leaders and their transparency, having challenging work, the family atmosphere, values, competitive compensation, support for learning and development, and innovation.
  • Survey scores were excellent and validated by what people said about the organization
JLLB, HRAD team, and the IiP Accreditation Team

The assessment has shown that NLEX is creating positive outcomes through its leadership and people management philosophy and practices

Being awarded the IiP Gold Standard, and celebrating our 15 years in service is truly a great recognition and achievement for each employee who continue to aspire to provide world-class service to our customers and stakeholders.

If businesses have a “new normal”, what new normals would we expect for people management at NLEX?

  • NLEX’s leaders will continuously motivate people to achieve the company’s purpose and objectives and will manage performance to inspire people to do their best
  • NLEX employees will be fully committed to living its values from its leaders to the newest recruit and will be part of making important decisions especially in monitoring the impact of improvements
  • Employees will be working and learning together to get the job done 
  • NLEX will be improving rewards and recognition to be fun, flexible and motivating
  • NLEX will be implementing and communicating processes and policies that are clear and simple
  • NLEX will be progressing in developing a culture of innovation
  • NLEX will ensure that there is frequent communication to create an atmosphere of trust and transparency in the organization

Below is a slideshow showing some excerpts from the IiP Report:

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