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Spotlight’s On features employees’ views, personal opinions, and experiences on a certain topic. For this issue, the article is about how some employees  balance their workload and parenthood during the transition to new normal.

Working Parents in a Pandemic

by: Ma. Rhea Rose Santos and Irish Irene Kaye Corpuz

Admit it, the “new normal” is not normal at all. Our everyday routine drastically changed in a snap and suddenly, we are in a situation where we do work and schooling remotely. During this pandemic, a lot of uncertainties and anxiety envelop everyone. However, NLEX employees quickly adapted. In this article, we feature some of them who are able to establish boundaries and realistic expectations that protected them from pushing themselves too much and exhausting themselves too fast.

Rommel Bautista, Balintawak O/S Section Head, Toll Operations Department

Few challenges that Meng experienced during this time were adjusting to the new work structure and celebrating special occasions indoors,  which they were not accustomed to. With the help of his wife, and his children who are very independent at their young age, they were able to adapt smoothly to the current situation and make the most out of it. He is now able to spend more time with his family and focus more in taking care of his special child when he works remotely. Aside from praying the rosary with his family, the use of hand sanitizer, disinfectant, face mask, and frequent hand washing have become part of their daily routine. He also added that time management and prioritizing what is essential and urgent are keys in handling the present situation.

Aissa and AJ Barrientos, Traffic Operations Department and Asset Management Department

Aissa and her husband AJ are being extra careful when they are at the work because they want to keep their toddler safe from the pandemic. They are also aware of the social distancing rules. To manage her time, she prioritizes tasks and schedule all the household chores and work-related matters. Although AJ is a very responsible and helpful husband, working at home is still a challenge for Aissa as she can only focus on work when their daughter is sleeping. The “new normal” set-up is convenient to her in a way because she can spend more quality time with her loved ones. She enjoys being a mother and wife. To her, that is enough reward for being a working mom.

Reynaldo Maderazo, Building Supervisor Asset Management Department

The new normal is not a bad thing at all for Rey Maderazo. During this time, He was able to spend more time with his family and able to rest more with lessened travel time going to and from work. For some employees like Mads who needs to report to work occasionally during the lockdown, there is a fear of possible transmission of the virus to his family. That is why he makes sure to keep his family safe by practising proper hygiene and sanitation. On days when he works from home, he and his wife delegate household chores to their children. Above all, he believes that praying and trusting God is what matters most in conquering all our fears and anxiety during this challenging time.

Gracey and Jeff Ang, Supply Chain Management Department and Compliance & Business Excellence Department

New to motherhood, Gracey has become anxious of everything that is happening around during the unexpected crisis. A lot of questions regarding her family’s safety popped in her mind. But still, she stayed focus in accepting and understanding the “new normal”. For her, time management is vital to cope with all the necessities of everyday life. She manages her time by preparing a program of daily activities for work and her family. This helps her perform her tasks well. Her husband Jeff supports her in carrying out their responsibilities as parents to their cute little daughter. He assists her in household chores since she is still recovering from the giving birth.

In addition, Gracey came from a close-knit family and being away from them at this time is very challenging for her. Thanks to social media, she can reach out to her family via video calls, and that relieves her loneliness. She also reminds herself with a Bible verse: “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” And for her, “No one can control what goes on around you, but you can control what goes on inside you.”


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