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Innovation in Response to COVID-19

by: Rose Ann S. Santos

COVID-19 pandemic posed overwhelming challenges to everyone’s lives. And just like any other challenge, we confront and find ways to overcome it. This crisis has become a strong driver of innovation. The setbacks we experienced during these trying times compelled us to think out-of-the-box. The unique and unexpected condition of the pandemic propelled us to create quick but impactful solutions to our problems. Innovation and creativity have become our strongest weapons to get through our current situation.

We have observed innovative practices as a response to the pandemic from people of various governments and health care organizations around the world. The same is true for employees of NLEX Corporation. With concerted minds, collaboration, and willingness to be part of the solution, several innovative ideas were born to enable continuous business operation and delivery of world-class service to our customers.  

Here are some of the innovative practices implemented by some NLEX employees from Technology Division, Non-Toll Division, and Compliance and Business Excellence (CABEX) Department to cope with the COVID-19 crisis :

“Network connections are essential to the company as medium for communication. Part of our routine is to monitor the communication equipment to prevent the interruption or disconnection of network used in the daily transactions. We installed AnyDesk application (similar to remote desktop) to our monitoring PCs so we can oversee the status of our equipment.” JAY ANTONIO, Telecoms and Network

“Deployment and configuration of Anydesk, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom application are among the measures implemented. Continuous IT support is done using Anydesk remote assistance app. Meeting rooms were converted to online video conferencing using Microsoft Teams and Zoom application while workstations were deployed to all business units and toll plaza for the My Wellbeing App.”  PAUL ANTHONY RUANTO & RONNEL PAULINO, Information Technology

Since there are only minimal attendees during the site acceptance testing in Ciudad de Victoria (Philippine Arena) Toll Plaza, we used the FB live for TRB to witness the testing. We are also using Zoom and MS Teams for our teleconference (project coordination meetings, WIGs meeting and Division Meeting).” ANA KARENINA CRUZ, FOE and Non-FOE Deployment

Edward Dela Cruz

“In the technical group, we did some adjustments: before, we only used PPE for our jobs in hazardous situation but for this new normal, PPE is now a part of our daily lives and it is our armor while fighting this outbreak. Despite this pandemic, we continued doing our part to support the company and our family as well. We practiced social distancing and proper hygiene like habitual cleaning of hands and disinfection of things that we are commonly use. We did some technical recommendations to make the meeting conferences safer and effective. We extended our work to our home through online monitoring to comply with government requirements during ECQ.” – EDWIN DELA CRUZ, Telecoms & Network

“For the past weeks, our team carefully planned and followed skeletal workforce to ensure the safety of our personnel and at the same time be able to effectively contribute to the productivity of our team. In order to support and give assistance to NLEX and SCTEX operations, we devised a buddy system per shift for our MMS Team wherein one personnel will be physically present in the office and the other will be working remotely at home in alternating schedules (24/7). Before each shift starts, the incoming duty MMS sends out an email of our hotlines, including personal mobile numbers, to other departments and an SMS to the Maintenance group everyday. Each personnel sends an email report of his/her accomplishments to our Manager to keep track of our daily activities and tasks. We also created a group chat with our Superior/Manager as a tool to cascade information, a means of communication and for monitoring our current state, well-being and work progress.” JOAN CHRISTINE REYES, MMS


 “Since the start of ECQ/WFH, our team meets daily through video conferencing for our tasks. We also conduct weekly department meetings through video conferencing for our updates and Kamustahan session.” – KARMELA ONG, Non-Toll Business

“We came up with teasers and reminders via email in preparation for the Internal QESH Audit. The communication of the audit plan and coordination for schedules with auditees were also done online. We also conducted a mix of the usual face-to face audit and remote audit through MS Teams to accommodate the schedules of both our auditors and auditees while  skeletal workforce is still being implemented. The remote internal audit was also our means to prepare for the possible remote surveillance audit with DQS.” – JENNIFER SUAREZ, Compliance and Business Excellence (CABEX)

Lea Giron

“In order to serve our internal customers in this time of COVID-19,  we released “Interim Guidelines for Outgoing Documents” to continue with our day to day process in Docs Control. As a safety measure, we purchased Portable UV Light Disinfection technology to be used for disinfection of all received documents.” – LEA GIRON, Compliance and Business  Excellence (CABEX)


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