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Tiktok – Fun Amidst the Pandemic

by: Rosa Niña S. Sangueza and Ma. Alexandrea M. Sevilla

With the threat of the pandemic giving us indefinite period of social distancing, extra time on our hands, and anxiety in our minds, comes this ‘escape’ from the chaos that is COVID-19.

The community quarantine has brought us many realizations in life. It also paved the way to explore our creative and artistic minds. As some of us return to their usual workplace and others continue to work from home, the social media platform served as our comic relief and diversion from boredom. To entertain ourselves during the quarantine, the Tiktok App has become one of the outlets for sharing our stories in social media. It is an app for making and sharing short videos. The application has tools for adding filters, sounds to score the video, and trim the content for straightforward video creation.


Dr. Ali Gui, a psychologist, said that Tiktok is one way of “creating freedom” for those whose movements have been restricted due to the lockdown. She added that it’s a safe way to pass your time at home especially under these trying times.

We have all seen these across social media, it’s now time for NLEX employees to showcase their talent and creativity online!


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