Fun @ the MPTC Olympics

Last July 12, 2019, companies under the Tollways Group joined forces for the opening of the MPTC Olympics at the Philippine Science High School in Quezon City. This year, four (4) competing teams face each other in different events: MPTNorth Support & Southbend North Group (Gray Team), MPTNorth Toll Operations (White Team), North Traffic Operations (Blue Team) and MPTSouth, MPTSMC, Southbend South, Easytrip & CCLEC (Yellow Team).

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The event was well attended by employees and executives from the different business units. Our very own Executives, who were MVPO medalists, graced the occasion; Sir Bobby Bontia did the opening remarks, Ms. Mona Sanson read the Oath of Sportsmanship and Sir Raul Ignacio took the first volleyball serve to open the games.  REF welcomed the delegates with a call to keep up the group’s competitive spirit and encouraged employees  to get to know their colleagues  and to continue to engage in the company’s wellness activities. The MVPO Streetdancers and the NLEX Music Club provided entertainment during the program. Ms. Jana Fabian, HR Talent Acquisition Associate (Southbend) of the Gray Team, won the Best Muse Award.

Events for this month include Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Basketball and Women’s 3×3. Everyone is enjoined to watch our remaining games!

Photo Credits: Jeng Ocampo & Khris Marcelo Abad

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