Family Matters

NLEX Families Over the Pandemic 2020

by Rodenie Sevilla and Mary Grace Sevilla

When COVID 19 struck, the world was shaken. Fear filled everyone’s hearts.

At first, we all found it difficult to cope up with the effects of the lockdown and curfews. Because of the fear of being contaminated, and as the law demanded, days passed within the four corners of every home as everyone was subjected to isolation.

While inside of their households, families have come to realize the value of togetherness; the value of spending more time with our love ones. Because of this, families began to pave their own ways to make their time more fruitful and productive.

This pandemic truly is distressing for all of us but we can still look at the bright side – we can learn much from this experience, and this time can be an opportunity to work on the following:

A. Redefining Family Roles

Family bonding is important in general, but it’s even more crucial during a crisis. COVID-19 has put a lot of pressure on family units. Parents had to homeschool their children while managing work from home, and some are teaching their children in doing business (baking, online selling, etc.)

Cluster 1 Senior Toll Teller Maricar Caraballos and her family’s baking time
B. Develop Habits To Continue After COVID-19

Many of us typically engage in a fast-paced lifestyle. We work hard most of the time to provide the needs of our families. Due to this routine, we sometimes neglect ourselves and our passions along with other hobbies and interests. Things like having meals with the whole family, bonding with our children, teaching them new skills, and fulfilling our dreams.

NLEX families were able to make their rest day and OBT’s more fruitful and productive. They find time to get along with their kids, to play with them, tiktok’ing, groupies, eating Samgyupsal, and swimming using portable pools inside their homes.

C. Making the Most of Our Time Inside Our Homes

During this quarantine, available activities are very limited. Because of the virus, our daily routine and activities before the pandemic has been disrupted. So what can we do to spend the time together?

Given the situation, many of us became more creative with their time. We can still do other things like movie marathons, play dates, celebrating ECQ birthdays, eating outside our homes without going to malls or crowded places.

Cluster 2 Toll Teller Daisyl Tuazon celebrates his husband’s birthday
Cluster 1 Senior Toll Teller Maricar Caraballo’s samgyupsal party on his son’s ECQ birthday

To watch the TikTok videos of some of our NLEX fam and more, please search for: NLEX Families over Pandemic 2019 and NLEX Families TikTok. Enjoy!

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