From the Top

How Group Technology is Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation in the MPTC Head Office

by Junne Grajales

Technology has enabled the MPTC Head Office departments shift to digital to adapt to the current health crisis. Generating new solutions through the power of tech tools play an essential role in protecting employees as we embrace the “New Normal”.

“We have two key priorities — ensure employee safety in the midst of the pandemic and improve productivity by strengthening employee engagement through better use of technology,” said Raymund Ramos, the Assistant Vice President for Group Technology. Mobilizing online tools such as video conferencing, remote monitoring, and data analysis provide tangible contribution to help manage employees’ stress, navigate uncertainty in the workplace, and stem the transmission in MPTC.

The following digital measures were implemented to not only adapt, but eventually thrive amidst the disruption and to support the work from home setup:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) access for the Transport Planning and Analysis (TPA) Department in order to connect to the Tollways network while working from home
  • Router string for the Finance Department to access SAP while working from home
  • Information drive with emphasis to use Microsoft Teams for online meetings, as well as importance and how-tos on securing company and personal data and protecting data privacy rights.
  • Finance Department’s transfer of its processes from manual to digital, starting with a shared folder of digital documents for the RFP to ensure timely payment to service providers without waiting for hard copy files.

Promoting transparency and accountability are fundamental in enabling easier and faster management of the disease. Delivering accurate and real-time reports related to COVID-19 support information gaps to safeguard employees’ health and well-being. To help address the risks, two apps were developed:

My Well Being is a daily health app initiated by HR to monitor employee health. It was made accessible to all field staff without office emails.

Photo 3
My Well Being app was created to monitor employees with COVID-19 symptoms and to serve as a platform to raise medical-related questions to the clinic team.  The company doctors closely monitor the health status of the employees who declared COVID-19 symptoms through the app.

MPTC Help Desk is a trouble ticket system developed for MPTC and MPTMSI users for their IT-related requests, inquiries, and concerns.

Photo 4
MPTC Help Desk is a resource that provides solutions to problems with office computers, electronic equipment, and software. The status of trouble tickets can be monitored, and IT’s response is real-time.

The Accounting Department’s digitization of the RFP submission improves the current processes and maximizes the use of technology to adhere to MPTC’s obligations to our suppliers and contributions to the government.

Photo 5

From the top: MPTC Priority Activities for the Second Half of 2020

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