Because We Care

By J. Luigi L. Bautista

I learned early in life that consistency is a good thing –that when you do good things consistently, it will surely pay off in the end.  

I also learned to consistently guard my thoughts because I know that what I am thinking reflects in my words. Then, most of the time, my words dictate my actions. What I think of consistently will eventually translate to my actions.

Furthermore, consistent actions become my habits. With habits being consistent, these will define my character. Such a demonstration of consistent character can become a culture in a larger sense. With a culture deeply ingrained, it will eventually chart my destiny.  

This can equally be manifested in the corporate setting. The importance of culture in an organization cannot be overemphasized, as we know this to be an enabler in the organization’s strategic goals, and support its vision and mission.

That is why MPTC embarked on a program to revisit our corporate values and come up with a new and refocused set of values, which we now call I-CARE (Innovation, Corporate Sustainability, Agility, Responsiveness, and Excellence). 

Over the course of the past two months since the launch of I-CARE in May, we have started the cascade of this new set of values for our employees. The aim is to make sure that we: 

  • Appreciate the strategic importance of the I-CARE Culture in charting our destiny; 
  • Develop a holistic and fresh perspective of how to enable the I-CARE Culture; and 
  • Identify opportunities to further strengthen the I-CARE Culture, and at the same time identify specific action points to pursue moving forward. 

Our ultimate dream is to be able to provide a working environment where employees are inspired and fired up to achieve their individual objectives. When we all embrace the new and re-focused corporate values and culture, we are motivated even more to contribute to the overall goals of the company. Our desire is that in the end, we can all say that NLEX is a great place to work in.  

Some experts will say that repeated behaviors in the workplace represent the organization’s expected behaviors. By changing the most critical behaviors, the mindset will follow. And, as mentioned earlier, consistent mindsets, behaviors, and actions can define our character and eventually our culture. With the right culture, we are better in control of our destiny! 

Culture change or revitalization calls for a shift in mindsets to become a reality. Every employee should, therefore, participate in strengthening the I-CARE culture. Towards this end, may I suggest that we ask ourselves: “how can I contribute to make an impact on our company’s future?”. Your positive answer will dispel unfounded worries about the continued success of NLEX. Let us respond, commit, and lead accordingly because we care! 

(First Row, second from left) NRI Consultant Juan Roy (on the Culture Project) with MPTC Executive Committee (EXECOM) while (Second Row, third from right) Tristan Dela Rosa (co-facilitator)

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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