Millennial Parents: The Family Values They Want to Have

By Charm M. Galvez

It is no doubt that family is the foundation of society as it is where each of us initially gains our own characteristics, personalities, and habits. The values we grew up with, whether deliberately instilled into us by our parents or simply brought by the practices in the family to which we became accustomed, have a great influence on our beliefs, preferences, and the decisions we make as adults. As we age, family values become the guiding principles that mold us into who we are ,and how others perceive us in society. 

Many young parents today, who are just beginning to form their own families, acknowledge the importance of starting it right – being certain about the kind of values they want their children to inherit from them and the family culture they will likely live up to.  

Here are some of our colleagues who are starting to set their family values. 

Shawntel Elaine De Leon-Fenomeno, Creative Design Specialist, who just recently gave birth to a baby boy, values openness, respect, and togetherness especially when it comes to making family decisions. She believes that it is important that she and her husband seek each other’s advice. “We always make certain that our decisions are in line with our family’s goals and the family we want to become. We always make sure that we agree on the decisions we make, even when it is for minor circumstances. When making decisions for our baby, we always want the best for him and make certain that it will make him happy and will not harm him”, Shawn explained.   

Love Joy Peralta, HR Supervisor shares the same view for her growing family about the values of honesty, openness, and respect she wants to build for their family. “I want our children to describe our family someday as very close to each other, always having time to bond, open to sharing of thoughts, and of course, is a happy family”, LJ added. 

Alex Espina-Aviles, Treasury Specialist, envisions a strong and close family-tie culture for her very young family. “I want a family full of love and respect for each other. A family that is dependable especially on difficult times, and dependent to God during those times. As to decision making, para sa amin na kasisimula pa lang mag-start ng family, ginagalang at kinoconsider pa rin namin ang mga advices ng aming respective parents. Then, inaalam namin kung ano ’yung priorities namin and nirerespeto namin ang bawat pananaw namin mag-asawa.

From another point of view, when new daddies were asked about the kind of family culture they envision for their starting family and the principles that should guide their decisions, these are their responses: 

Ace Christian San Pedro, Bridge Sr. Engineer: 

 “Now that my son is 2 years old, for me, it’s no longer about changing diapers or the sleepless nights, rather how I want my family to grow. At this stage, I am envisioning a ’dreamer’ family culture – where we are optimistic about the abilities and opportunities of each individual member, believing that one’s success is the success of the family. As parents, we should pour everything to help our kids succeed in life, guide them to avoid negative influence, and be instrumental in shaping our children’s character. 

For me, kindness should be on top of the list of families who want to define their values because it sets the stage for other important traits like generosity, empathy, and compassion. I always believed that kindness would help each family member build positive relationships, and down the road, make decisions that take other people’s well-being into consideration.” 

Daryl Tubaon, Quantity & Cost Sr. Engineer:  

“I see a God-fearing family who lives using the Bible as our main foundation and guide, a family that is prayerful and studies the teachings of the Bible. For me, biblical practical teachings are the best guide when making decisions for our family. I grew up in a prayerful family that devote to and apply the teachings of the Bible. And I want this pass on to my daughter/future children.” 

Jay Randell Cay, Data Center & Systems Administration Specialist: 

“I envision my family as a family full of love, happiness, and respect for each other and for the extended members of the family and people in the community. 

My wife and I agreed to always go to church every Sunday. So, aside from the things we’ve learned through our families, we are guided by the word of the Lord on how we should live this life that He has given and how we should guide our kids and our relationship.” 

These millennial parents believe that their respective family values have greatly contributed to the person they are now. That’s why it is clear to them which of these they want to pass on to their children.  

Charm M. Galvez, Human Resources and Administration. She is a goal-oriented person and always does things with an end in her mind. She is a big fan of God.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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