Mt. Fuji: Guiguinto Foodtrip

By Fred M. Catalan

If you’re looking for a place to go on a weekend or on a holiday with your loved ones, you might want to visit Mt. Fuji Restaurant at Guiguinto Bulacan near NLEX Tabang Exit! They offer authentic Japanese cuisine with great service.

How authentic is their cuisine, and how great a service do they offer? Check it out in this Tara Na, NLEX vlog:

John Fredderick M. Catalan, Operations Management. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Currently a Traffic Control Room Specialist at Traffic Operations Department. Fredo loves Vlogging, adventure, and a passion for riding motorcycles. Not afraid to talk to other people and do things in a creative way. He believes that faith, hope, humility, and happiness are what we all need in life.

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