The Simple Pleasures of Riding a Bike

By Jaimee Jane S. Faustino

The pandemic made us see the other side of the river, and discover more of ourselves. In this way, the pandemic allowed us to grow differently.

Mr. Jerome Cunanan, “Je” to his co-workers, had not tried biking, nor had he imagined being a cyclist before the pandemic. As the restrictions became lighter and allowed more outdoor activities, however, he had been encouraged by his two best friends to buy a bike.

Since July 2020, he usually does cycling activities two to four times a week with a regular biking route of 50km in distance. He starts at around 5 am in the morning and goes back home after two hours so he can go to work before 8:30 am. He also occasionally does long rides.

This hobby unleashes Jerome’s inner child in him as he usually gets excited when he’s riding a bike. Cycling makes him feel that he is free from anything.

Cycling is also a part of his exercise which usually helps his physical and mental well-being. This usually boosts his mood and reduces anxiety every time he is on a saddle.

Sometimes, he rides a bike when going to work. It saves him money for his gas expenses.

Je recommends others to try cycling since it is fun and not hard. He notes that aside from its positive impact on our health, cycling also gives us the opportunity to meet different people with whom we can share ideas, hacks, and tips. Cycling events are great and enjoyable too.

Lastly, he shared a quote from John F. Kennedy stating,

Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of riding a bike.

Jaimee Jane S. Faustino, Human Resources and Administration. Jaimee is a geek who loves to explore and travel. She is a person who believes that patience is a virtue and that happiness will always come from chocolates and beer.

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