Employee’s Side Business​es: From Dreams to Reality

By Jaimee Jane S. Faustino

To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality. 

Anita Roddick 

NLEX employees are known for being passionate about everything that we do. Some are inspired to perform with excellence because of their families and loved ones that are dependent on them. But most of the time, we are motivated and driven by the dreams we built for ourselves.

It is safe to say that everyone dreams about a better future, being successful, and having financial independence. I know you do. Some dream about living in a mansion and traveling around the world, while others dream about having the freedom to volunteer and make a difference in the world. Most of us dream about having the freedom to do work that we love, and enjoy while spending time with family. Hence, we look for every possible option to strive and commit ourselves to achieving those dreams.

So how can we work towards financial independence to ensure our dreams become a reality? Let us hear the stories of our co-employees on how they juggle doing side business while working full-time.  

Mr. Marlon Buenaventura, Telecom and Network Manager from our Technology Division who is handling Telecoms and Network section manage their own Suteros Bibingka at Putobumbong, and Tea Haven stores. He mentioned to us that he was very hesitant when he first started the business because it was during the pandemic season, but it was his wife who insisted on pursuing it.  

“Sabi nga nila, kung di mo susubukan, ‘di malalaman. At lahat naman talaga ng negosyo is “sugal” You need to work hard and try your best to make it succeed. Also, I gave my TRUST to my wife who is very eager at that time to open a business, and my FAITH in God.” He added.  

Ms. Patricia Lagman, Compliance Associate of the Technology Division manages her own Facebook Page and Instagram Business Profile, Wear Patchie’s. She mentioned that it initially started by doing Facebook Live Selling of pre-loved clothes but because of her love for mists and perfumes she ventured into selling oil-based perfumes, Victoria’s Secret products, and Bath & Body Works items. Today, she already expanded her business to selling watches, bags, and wallets. 

They both described their life as entrepreneurs to be fulfilling and like being on a Rollercoaster ride.  

Their motivation and drive? 

“My family and my boyfriend are my main sources of inspiration. They consistently encourage me in everything I do and have complete faith in my ability to handle any situation. I’m motivated to help my family as I am the eldest sister. Time management is crucial for success in having both corporate job and business.” – Patricia 

“My everyday motivation and reason for living is my family. Having 3 kids that is still young, is the reason why I strive hard to earn and look for a living. To give them the best that I can give and teach and train them on their own.” – Marlon 

We also asked them what advice they would give to other entrepreneurs who are starting out. 

“To all those who want to try a new business. Always start with a heart, make sure that you review and check the business history first, and then know the owner/person that you are talking to. Start small and be proud. No matter how small your business is, be proud and stood tall. This is one way how you can promote and ask help from your friends to support you. “No Man is an Island”, we need the help of each one of us to make it work. Always believe in yourself gather your assets and do proper financial planning to sustain you for 1 to 2 years test the market and take the risk. Putting a business is a combination of struggles and successes if you are willing to deal with it crab it.” – Marlon 

“Take the risk. Seize every opportunity you get. Be the seller that anyone can reach out. Always have confidence in yourself and promote goods that you genuinely love” – Patricia 

Truly, their stories are both an inspiration for those people who also want to venture on having other side businesses while excellently performing their roles in the company. Indeed, there is an opportunity when we look for them. We just have to believe.  

Jaimee Jane S. Faustino, Human Resources and Administration. Jaimee is a geek who loves to explore and travel. She is a person who believes that patience is a virtue and that happiness will always come from chocolates and beer.

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