Hello, Casper!

By Claire Nicole A. Mendoza

November is known for its cold days and long nights, making it an ideal time to tell horror stories. We, Filipinos, enjoy telling horror stories during this season because we can feel the shock, thrill, and adrenaline rush of being scared. We also used to exaggerate these stories to make it more interesting. But… what if you were in one of these scary tales? What will you do?

Illustration by Reagan Allen on Getty Images

Each one of us in the office surely have some stories to tell – good, bad, and even scary. At some point in our careers, we may experience things that cannot be explained by earthly logic. We might run into some of our own “Caspers”.  

The following short spooky encounters were told by our colleagues based on their personal experience.  

The Mother and Child 

Traveling at night along pitch-black, lengthy roads will make you sleepy. The mother and child who will attempt to hitchhike, on the other hand, will make you more cautious. Some claim that these two will wave at you as if they want you to stop. And as you get closer to them, you’ll notice that no one is waving at you and that what you saw from a distance wasn’t real. These two also occasionally ride in vehicles without the driver’s knowledge. They won’t realize it until they look in the rearview mirror. 

Photo by HappyPhoton on Getty Image

Child on the Bridge 

There’s an old saying that before crossing a bridge, you should honk your horn as if you’re asking permission to pass through it. If you fail to do so, the bridge spirits are said to follow you. This is not the case experienced by one of our colleagues. Even after honking their horns several times, our colleague can still see a child sitting on a bridge. The child will simply stare at you, as if telling you to slow down and not change lanes while passing by the bridge.  

The Long Hair Lady 

This story happened was experienced by our colleague in a laboratory. Laboratories are typically noisy because this is where the majority rest and complete some of their tasks. However, when our colleague stayed alone in a laboratory, he felt a little anxious. Someone with a long hair is walking back and forth in his peripheral vision, as if she is trying to catch his attention. Our colleague told us that once he stopped and noticed her, she’ll make noises that will give you goosebumps and scare you. 

Photo by Boyloso on Getty Image

The Visitors 

Walking through building hallways at night will make you feel uneasy. One of our colleagues, however, experienced her scariest encounters in a restroom. She experienced “visitors” who like to hide in different restroom cubicles and scared her by flushing its toilet bowl. She also saw a child who played hide and seek on some of the building’s corners. The noise the child is making also surprised her. 

Photo by PetitNuage on Adobe Stock

The Man 

This story took place somewhere in a highway. It was 2:30 a.m., and one of our colleagues needed to stop at an area, adjacent a small building. He talked to the nearby guard after completing his emergency repair. A man running back and forth along the building is pointed out by the guard. When they realized it was 2 a.m., they were convinced that this man was not someone either of them knew. What do you think this man is? 

The Passengers 

It was late at night when one of the our colleagues still had to do some work. He went down immediately after parking his car and asked the guard of a building for permission to enter inside. The guard then asked him where his other companions were, despite the fact that he was alone at the time. He stayed in this the building, shocked and terrified, not going out until the sun came out.  


Claire Nicole A. Mendoza, Technology Management. I am a very personalized writer who loves to put a lot of feedings into what I write. I write to connect with people and to convey my ideas and feelings to others.

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