by West D. Dionisio

How do we define excellence? It is described as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. If referring to a person, it is the ability to positively influence others, a sensitive or empathetic individual and an excellent communicator; if referring to work output it means of high quality or simply outstanding; if referring to core values it is striving to do more and be great even if that means making errors along the way and putting our whole hearts into the work we do, knowing that what we do matters to God and others.

Working for a service-oriented organization like ours is not an easy task. We always aim to exceed the needs of our customers and in doing so, we often expose ourselves to criticism. And with the strong presence of social media, everything that we do is closely being looked at. Our business thrives because of our customers and that is why it is extremely important to provide them the service that they deserve, and that we perform our roles in an excellent manner.

Some may ask how. As I have said, it is not easy. But if we always try to outdo ourselves and make a conscious effort to examine our actions and how it affects others, then I can say that we are on the right track. The position that we hold is not what is important but rather the attitude that we have towards it. The impact that we create!

We will definitely make mistakes along the way but the process of learning and the effort that we put in to become better versions of ourselves make us excellent in what we do. Our journey to excellence is never-ending. Whether we are just new in the organization or in our retirement years, we should always have the mindset of a child. A mindset that we still have a lot to improve, a lot to learn, and a chance to be the best.

KAYA NATIN ITO! Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat at sa inyong mga pamilya! 

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