I Feel Engaged at Work When…

By Rosy S. Santos

Engaging employees is not just a nice-to-have attribute to having a successful organization. It is one of the secret elements of a company to achieve its goals and objectives. And as we navigate this journey, our leaders play a vital role in keeping our employees highly engaged.

We asked some of our NLEX employees to share their thoughts on how to make them feel more engaged at work, which leadership traits engage them the most, and what are the impacts of having a good leader.

Let’s find out their answers!

We learned firsthand from our employees what are the things that keep them engaged.

Why does our company invest and make a serious effort to engage its employees through the help of our leaders?  It is not only because we want them to be more productive and for the profitability gain of the business but mainly it comes from its desire to genuinely care for the people.

Rosy S. Santos, Human Resources and Administration. Outside work, she manages to attend financial, motivational, and spiritual talks. She’s fond of reading inspirational and fictional books and writing in her journal. She loves to travel, eat out, and watch movies and YouTube videos to relax and enjoy life.

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