#LabanLang! : A Miss Universe Mantra

By Claire Nicole A. Mendoza

Miss Universe is known for helping women feel empowered and confident in themselves by creating opportunities to showcase their culture, background, and religion. Stunning women from all over the world joined to further their personal, professional, and philanthropic goals. The competition began as a marketing stunt to promote Pacific Knitting Mills swimwear collection. In 1952, Miss America refused to wear Catalina’s swimsuit manufactured by Pacific Knitting Mills, so the company decided to create its own competition, Miss Universe. Any country can participate in this pageant, provided that it pays the organization the franchise costs.            

Photo Credit: Miss Universe page

Beauty pageants are popular in the Philippines. The world of pageantry allows us to share the stage with the rest of the world and show the great passion of our representatives. Miss Universe, one of the most prestigious pageants in the world, has been our break from life’s complications. Once a year, we can focus on nothing but the world of beauty, crowns, and dreams… uniting Filipinos around the world. Whenever Miss Universe is held, it feels like almost half of our country is present during this competition. The heartwarming support and love of the Filipinos can really be felt all throughout. And like the beauty of our country and culture, the qualities and intelligence of our women deserve to be unveiled to the world.  

The Philippines is known as the home of beauty pageants. We have placed on Miss Universe without fail since 2010. We have also won the title four times. We always strive to make good impressions. In fact, 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray was one of the Miss Universe contestant’s iconic looks. The lava gown she wore which was partnered with her lava walk made her stand out from the rest. And yes, all thanks to our Filipino candidates, trainers, and designers, we were able to outshine other candidates. But of course, there will be times when fate is not on our side.

During this year’s Miss Universe, our candidate, Celeste Cortesi failed to advance to the Top 16. She did an amazing job of carrying her country’s pride and honor during the most prestigious pageant. Her sky-blue gown and powerful Darna-inspired National Costume partnered with her finesse and sophisticated catwalk earned her a top two spot in the evening gown category by Missology, the world’s leading beauty pageant publication. Celeste’s months of training paid off as she proudly represents our country with confidence and a purpose. However, Miss Universe 2022 has turned out to be one of the most robust editions of Miss Universe. From the evening gown to the national costume to the swimwear segment, each country is well prepared.

Celeste Cortesi’s Evening Gown (from Rappler)

To be the country’s representative of the Miss Universe is both an honor and a responsibility. You’ll be pressured along the way, but it will be a great experience after all. Let’s do a fact-check to know if you have what it takes to become a Miss Universe.

  1. Aside from having a great physical appearance, do you have an innovative mindset that embraces creativity?
  2. Do you support sustainability? Are you ready to make a significant contribution to creating a greener future for all?
  3. Are you agile enough to make real change in your community with the potential to reach a global audience?
  4. Do you respond quickly when your help is needed?
  5. Are you confident to represent your country with excellence, pride, and honor?

If you answer yes to these five questions… Congratulations! Most likely, you could be a perfect match for Miss Universe. It really takes so much courage, confidence, and love to be one. The love that a Miss Universe has for herself, for her country, and for the world will help her to push the boundaries of what is possible. She can be the voice to speak about global issues. She will help the world to gradually change and raise awareness of the issues we face. She will also bring the rich culture and beauty of her country to life. It will be a lot of work but the satisfaction and fulfillment you could get in return are incomparable. Thus, to all aspiring Miss Universe candidates, #LabanLang!.. your dreams and goals will soon be fulfilled.


Claire Nicole A. Mendoza, Technology Management. I am a very personalized writer who loves to put a lot of feedings into what I write. I write to connect with people and to convey my ideas and feelings to others.

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