Tips & Tricks: Excel through these Excel Hacks!

By Monarizza Nicole T. Lopez

Aren’t #VALUE! #REF! #NAME! #N/A! #DIV/0! #SPILL! eyesore whenever these appear on your workbook? Out of all the hashtags created out there, aren’t these the most frustrating and excruciating to see, especially during critical reporting days?

One of the most used Microsoft applications to this day, Excel, has been utilized in a business setting, by students and their instructors, and by any other professional where the software’s functions can be maximized. Simple as it may seem, Excel is also notable for its complexity. But worry no more because we’ve got you covered! Even if you struggle badly with formulas, don’t even know how to create one, or just casually use it to create lists and tables, consider yourself lucky today!

  1. Having a challenging time converting your PDF or hardbound files into Excel spreadsheets? Check this out!

2. Let’s get start with the basics and check out these shortcut keys.

3. Can’t make up your mind on which one to use? Why choose when you can do both the regular and dynamic chart?

4. No more using of backslash or inserting a symbol. Take a look at this checklist hack.

5. Struggling with the separating the content of a cell into multiple adjacent columns? See this hack!

Have you considered yourself an excel master after watching these tips and tricks? Share these videos because someone might need these, too.


Monarizza Nicole T. Lopez, Finance. I am Monami, as my closest colleagues usually call me, has been part of the Finance Division for three years now. I started as an OJT of MNTC, turned Project-Hired Financial Reporting Associate for two years, and now, been a regular employee and member of the TRIM Department for almost a year already. I love to write poems and dream of publishing them. It may not seem like it but I am also a Potterhead with an ENTJ-T personality who loves to tirelessly collect and pile up books I will never read.

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