Share the Love, Share with Spouse

By Madz G. Barcelona

Why it is important to make time for your spouse?

Studies show that married couples are happier and more fulfilled when they are together rather than apart, underscoring the importance of spending time with a spouse for individual well-being.

When an individual is with their spouse, they are almost twice as happy as when they are not. Their activities hold more meaning and are less stressful.

While we know a lot about the time people spend with children, we know very little about their shared time with a spouse, and how people feel about that time.  Let us find out how NLEX employees spend time with their spouses while taking care of the family.

Roderick Pingol, Traffic Team Leader

“In spite of my busy schedule, I’m not able to spend much time with them. But (still), whatever time I get, is what I spend with them and make it worthwhile. I set aside my hobbies and make them my hobbies. If ever they need something and I am capable of doing it, I make it happen because for me family time is very important. They will stand by your side whenever you need them. They will hold your hand whenever you fall down. They will never leave us whenever you’re distressed and they are always with us in bad times. The bond between us cannot be defined by words but if we try then we can simply say it is a feeling coming from inside not from the brain but from the heart. They are my life and life is what we live for.” 

Michael Mallari, Legal Sr. Specialist

“I may not be a perfect husband, but I always make certain that I share quality time with my wife and my kids as well despite my busy work schedule. Every day, I wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and lunch before I leave. Then following my work, I’m in charge of the other household chores since I know that being a mother is the toughest job in the world. So, this is the least I can do. I always surprise her during special events like our anniversary, Valentine’s, her birthday and etc. Though some people say it’s “JOLOGS” when I always prepare something for my wife but this is the greatest gift I can give to her, “MY QUALITY TIME” because when I dedicate my time, I am offering a portion of my life that could never get back.”

Alma Valmeo, TDE Executive Secretary II

No matter how busy I am with work and taking care of my family, I find ways to spend quality time with my husband. 

  1. Cooking is my passion so we always hang out in the kitchen while preparing healthy food for my family. No matter where we are, in the car, kitchen, or in our room, we can talk about all the random things we can think of. Discussing things randomly can bring you closer to your spouse. I love talking and sharing ideas, thoughts, and beliefs with my husband that perhaps I didn’t share with anyone.  This exchange of random things will let your partner know you even better and likewise.
  • Movie Marathon is also one of our bonding moments. We lie down on our couch and start watching movies that we both like. This will enable us to talk and eventually remember something memorable. In the end, what matters is your quality time with each other, where you both are not talking about the office or work and are just focused on exploring each other. Communication is very important for us.
  • We attend mass and social gatherings together. Attending mass together strengthens our relationship as a married couple and our relationship with the Lord. We also find ways to attend social events together. We keep our work aside when it comes to social gatherings. Instead, we enjoy social moments together.

We don’t need a lot of money and we don’t have to wait for an occasion to spend quality time with your spouse. Just have time for each other and always give your spouse a tight hug and let the good moment unfold at once. Show your love whenever there is even a small window of time and see their face beam with a smile.

Aissa Barrientos, Maintenance & Support Group Secretary

“Making time as a couple is challenging at times especially when you have a child, but if given the chance, we go on coffee dates, watch our favorite movies, or binge-watch new series.   We also build connections as a couple in modest moments such as walking and biking together, doing household chores, bringing our child to school and doing assignments for our daughter, and cooking and sharing meals together.  Family time is our bonding and time with family is time well spent.”

Jerome Cunanan, Inventory and Warehousing Specialist

“Being a parent changed our relationship. Before, even if I and my wife Shane had a long day at work and other things, we still had the evening for ourselves. We likely spend weekends together, a travel vacation during holidays. It’s so easy for us to manage to make time for each other. But now, with our daughter Athia, it’s a bit different. Whatever time we have together outside of work was taken up by parenting and home duties.

Our days of doing whatever we want, whenever and wherever were put on hold for a few more years. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make and carve out time for each other.

Here’s how I spend time with my spouse while taking care of the family.

1.           As much as possible, I go home straight after work. This allows me to spend more time and help her out with some home and parenting duties left. As soon as we finished things before the day ends, we were left to have time for our small talk to share what happened during the day. Also, a bond for a little screen time to watch our favorite tv shows & vlogs.

2.           Taking advantage of the time off & holidays. This is my “bawi” to her to spend a longer time. An automatic no-workday especially during holidays. Thanks to our Bulakenyo Heroes for having lots of local holidays. This is our opportunity to have a well-planned travel, a road trip, a tambay night, and sometimes a whole day to do groceries & window shopping.

3.           We are also doing some quick date nights without our daughter. We were lucky that we have our supportive relatives to look after our daughter even just for a couple of hours. This is our way to relax a bit and spend some short quality time. These are our recharge moments even if sometimes we feel guilty leaving our child. After all, It’s rare to have someone else to look after your kid and enjoy this time together.

Sometimes, you don’t need a whole weekend to make time for your partner. You just need to find it throughout the day.

Honestly, having a kid made spending time with your partner challenging especially for me who is working 6 days a week, but I can still find ways to reconnect, even while raising kids.

Taking an extra day off gives me a chance to spend a whole day together. Thankful to my co-workers and my Boss for always allowing me to have emergency time off when needed for our errands. Relish the small moments, which are more frequent and just as precious.

And be consistent. Strengthening your relationship is a priority, just like raising your kids and going to work. Whether a grocery run, a quick errand, a check-up, or anything that making time for your partner isn’t only doable, but important as well.”

Jeffrey Azarcon, Traffic Investigator

“Spending time with your spouse while taking care of the family requires a bit of planning, communication, and creativity. Make spending time with your spouse a priority. Just like you prioritize your work, your kids, or your other responsibilities. Communication is the key in any relationship and it’s especially important when you’re trying to balance family and marriage. They can find a way to make time for each other.

We, husbands, must be creative at all times. We don’t need to go out on fancy dates or spend a lot of money to spend time with our spouses. Look for creative ways, such as having a movie night together, planning a family outing, cooking her favorite foods, or just simply taking a walk around the neighborhood with your kids and most importantly, surprise your spouse on your anniversary.

Remember, our relationship with our spouse is the foundation of our family and it’s worth investing time and effort to keep it strong and have a healthy and happy relationship.

As the old saying…” Happy Wife…Happy Life!”

Mj Valencia Traffic Operations Supervisor

“I spend time with my husband by doing things together with him like a short trip to nearby churches, groceries, coffee shops, or food stalls, or even when we were at home repairing home fixtures and doing house chores. During this time we talk about life, our plans, our difficulties, and our “tsismis”. We do this on a weekly or every other week basis without sacrificing the needs of our kids and parents. It relaxes us, restores our strength, and able us to give our best to our family.”

Neal Ian M. Garonita, Patrol Crew

“Most of us are engaged in a busy work schedule in a 24-hour operation that provides service to our motorist. And after a long tiring day, we have a responsibility to do in our home, a responsibility that no one can get tired of doing and that is to love the family. As a partner, I spent most of my spare time talking with my wife, solving our problems together, and planning for future plans. This way we maintain our communication, which is one of the important aspects of being a partner because it allows us to effectively share feelings and opinions, and also to avoid misunderstanding. While taking care of the family for me is like teamwork where each member has an important responsibility, as the pillar of the home it is important also to listen to family members when they suggest alternative ways of accomplishing our goals and value each family member.”

Jerome Caronongan, ESH Specialist

“I normally spend quality time with my wife.  Every morning, we talk over a cup of coffee.  We do errands together during weekends.  We go for a walk and exercise together.  We love to watch movies at home.

I make sure I appreciate her since she stays home and I know that her work as a housewife is 24/7.”

Allow me to share a quote that reads, “Making time for your spouse is one way you can give your children a good example of a healthy and loving marriage, it also helps them feel secure, confident, and loved.”

NLEX, spend quality time with your spouse for a long and satisfied life.

Source: Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota

Madz G. Barcelona, Human Resources and Administration. She considers herself as a team player who brings out the best in every person. She enjoys organizing things to make them simpler and better. Madz always gives her best in serving others especially her loved ones.

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