Best Buddy, Best Therapist

By Jaimee Jane S. Faustino

The BEST therapist has fur and four legs.

A rollercoaster ride across the busyness of our day-to-day tasks makes us want to crave something therapeutic to avoid being burned out.

Some would claim that nothing can compare to the joy of coming home to an energetic ball of wagging tails and unlimited kisses. Some would say that having someone curled up next to you after a toxic day could fend off your anxiety and stress. Others would profess that nothing beats the unconditional love and loyalty of a furry friend. However, many of us remain unaware of the benefits that can also accompany the pleasure of having pets.

Pets, especially dogs and cats have developed to become profoundly attuned to us humans, and our behavior and emotions. They can be able to understand some of the words we use, gauge your emotional state, and try to understand what you’re thinking and even feeling. Here are some of our employees who are certified pet lovers:

Mildred Reyes, Toll Supervisor, 7-year pet owner.

“I am delighted when Happi is around, I usually play and go to the mall with him. As my best friend, his unconditional love and companionship are incomparable. Happi is also very protective. Although he is an added responsibility to us since we need a babysitter when we go to work or no one is around, he is still my stress reliever. I would recommend others to get Shih Tsu, Golden Retriever, and Chow Chow.”

Calvin Bulaong, TPOA, 3-year pet owner.

“Having dogs makes me happier than before. When I am sad and need someone to talk to, I usually talk to them and they are always ready to listen. I feel loved when I am with them. They are my stress relievers and forever companions. We love to play fetch and walk outdoors. I would recommend others to also have dogs as their pets.”

Christine Mae Gabano, Lane Associate, 12-year pet owner.

“The advantages are they can be your stress reliever, and your friend even though they’re not talking. There are no disadvantages for me in owning a pet. More on the responsibility I think. I can say that I am happier if I have them around, we usually play with their balls and walk with them.”

Jaimee Jane S. Faustino, Human Resources and Administration. Jaimee is a geek who loves to explore and travel. She is a person who believes that patience is a virtue and that happiness will always come from chocolates and beer.

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