Feeling Listened to with Empathy? When…

By Rosy S. Santos

Listening is one of the most powerful tools a leader can possess. Employees want to be heard. They want their leaders not just to hear them but to empathize and listen intently to what they say. They want to build a trustworthy relationship with their leaders. 

Focusing on  “Empathize by Listening to the Team” in our leadership brand called LEADS, our NLEX employees shares how and when they feel they are being listened to by  their leaders: 

Our goal in listening to our team is to understand them. When we make active listening part of our everyday routine, we build trust, loyalty, and strong relationships among our team. 

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Rosy S. Santos, Human Resources and Administration. Outside work, she manages to attend financial, motivational, and spiritual talks. She’s fond of reading inspirational and fictional books and writing in her journal. She loves to travel, eat out, and watch movies and YouTube videos to relax and enjoy life.

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