Actively Coach Team is Everyone’s Task

by West D. Dionisio

Before, we often hear the word “coach” only in sports events. Athletes rely on their coach to improve their skills, learn new techniques, build camaraderie, win games, and be the best in their chosen sport. Coaches are the ones that give us direction and help us reach our full potential.

Nowadays, the use of the word “coach” is also very common in the corporate world.

But how does coaching work in the corporate setup?

I can say that it is exactly the same as in sports. In my case, I see to it that my team knows what their specific roles are. Each member needs to understand their responsibilities and what is expected from them so that, from there, we can move towards our common goal – make our customers happy.

Though, before I can coach others, the process should start from within, so I start with myself first. I have to know what my strengths and weaknesses are and have a clear grasp of the environment to understand the realities that my team has to face on a daily basis. I have to accept that the team is composed of different personalities and there is no “one size fits all” approach in dealing with them. I have to develop good relationships with them so that they will trust me as their coach. And then, my coaching begins.

Coaching for me starts with listening. We have to always hear what the team has to say. From there we will know what kind of intervention they need; be honest with your feedback to help the team assess their behavior. And then we monitor their progress and help them address the challenges they meet along the way. As the coaching process continues, we should never forget to acknowledge their achievements along the way and celebrate small wins. For me, these are the things that will help the team improve and reach their full potential. A team who achieves this will bring the company to greater heights.

Coaching is not only for leaders, it is everyone’s task. The moment that you care for the team and your co-workers, coaching starts. Our drive to make everyone succeed is what makes us a COACH!

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