Thriving Amidst Adversities

An NLEX Corporation Newsletter | Volume No. 3 | April 2021

Featured Articles

Get to know MPTC’s latest efforts to allow its businesses to move forward amidst challenges. >>

Discover how the IiP assessors admired how NLEX managed to thrive amidst the pandemic. >>

Be inspired with how Elvin Cruz managed to renew his faith while grappling with cancer. >>

Lessons learned from ESH’s quick response against COVID-19. >>

Questions for April 2021 issue and winners for March 2021 issue! >>

Other Articles

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Thriving Amidst Adversities as being journaled in this Northlink April 2021 issue. >>

Get to know handy tips on how we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the office. >>

Discover how NLEX innovated in its desire to further serve its employees and promote office safety. >>

Get to know how the Internal Audit adds value to the organization through providing optimal solutions, identifying risks, and preventing disruptions.>>

Discover how some of our colleagues hung on to their faith to overcome challenges. >>

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Be inspired with some of our colleagues’ tenacity to pursue growth despite changes. >>

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