Constants – Excellence, Love, & Safety

An NLEX Corporation Newsletter | Volume No. 3 | June 2021

Featured Articles

Get to know what was shared in the recently-held “Heroes without Capes” online learning session for executive assistants and secretaries. >>

Discover what was shared during the recent roundtable mornings with our President and General Manager, JLLB. >>

Get to know what activities NLEX did in support of the 6th UN Road Safety Week. >>

Know who have been hailed as the NLEXemplary Employees for the 1st Quarter of 2021. >>

Questions for June 2021 issue and winners for May 2021 issue! >>

Other Articles

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NLEX’s story of Constantly Moving Forward as as being journaled in this Northlink June 2021 issue. >>

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Discover how some NLEX Executives became better leaders when they fulfilled their roles as a father. >>

Get to know how love and work intertwined the lives of Sandy and Noel Dela Cruz. >>

Discover how hooked our colleagues are on the NBA Playoffs. >>

Wedding destinations galore! Know what are the trending celebration places are up north. >>

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Driving tips for everyone to share and to remind others of. >>

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