Gratitude and Service

An NLEX Corporation Newsletter | Volume No. 3 | July 2021

Featured Articles

Get to know MPTC’s milestone accomplishments in MPT Asia Projects. >>

Discover how NLEX celebrated its employee appreciation day. >>

Get to know the feedback of our colleagues who have received the first dose of their vaccine. >>

Get to know how our awardees were inspired coming from being hailed as NLEXEmplary. >>

Questions for July 2021 issue and winners for June 2021 issue! >>

Other Articles

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Gratitude and Service as being journaled in this Northlink July 2021 issue. >>

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Get to know how our colleagues use this convenient life hack. >>

Discover the game that is taking over the internet, and people’s outlook on finances, by storm. >>

Get to know snippets of life of our safety action man, Mr. Jeff Ang. >>

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Discover how our colleagues express gratitude through service. >>

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