Action Men of Facilities and Fleet Management Department

By Kath V. Alfaro

Being a leader isn’t just about telling people what to do. Leaders lead by example, showing their employees what they want to see in the organization. As an entrepreneur and environmental campaigner, Anita Roddick pointed out: “What I have learned is that people become motivated when you guide them to the source of their own power and when you make heroes out of employees who personify what you want to see in the organization.” 

That said, let’s get to know the “action men” in the Facilities and Fleet Management department who motivate and inspire their people through their work and dedication.

Joseph Adto and Wenceslao Perez

Joseph Adto has been working with his superior, Wenceslao Perez, for almost 17 years now. Joseph expressed his respect for “Sir Wency,” citing the latter’s incredible work ethic.  I remember that in his first year in the company, Sir Wency was scheduled to undergo a medical procedure,” Joseph revealed. “Yet, during the time when he needed to rest and heal, he was still thinking about work. He showed us that despite difficult situations, he could still manage and lead the group effectively. Sir Wency showed us that as part of this organization, it is everyone’s responsibility to treat the company as his or her own business.”

Aries Galang and Wencesalao Perez

Aries Galang and Wency Perez have been working together for the past six years. Aries described his superior as trustworthy and honest. Aries also referred to his boss as “Mr. Pure Energy” because the latter always seemed to be enthusiastic about work.  “Sir Wency is also known for his sense of humor, but it’s really his passion and dedication to the company that stands out for many of us. Observing him at work has inspired me to focus on my duties and goals,” said Aries.

Joseph Infante and Reynaldo Maderazo Jr.

Joseph Infante and Reynaldo Maderazo Jr. have been working together for four years. When asked about his superior, Joseph readily replied: “Sir Madz motivates and inspires me to do my job. He builds meaningful working relationships with me and my co-employees. He always reminds us to treat people with the respect that will ease conflict and build trust.” Joseph added that among the memorable experiences that he has shared with his boss happened in 2020. He recalled: “It was his birthday, so the team prepared some decorations, bought some food, and a birthday cake. At that moment, I was happy to see Sir Madz taking a break from work and celebrating his special day.”

Kath V. Alfaro, Compliance and Business Excellence. Kath joined the company in 2013 and has been a member of the newsletter team since then. She appreciates the opportunity to work and learn from colleagues in the organization. This first-time mom loves playing and taking photos and videos of her baby girl.

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