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The First MPTC Virtual Run

by Kim Santiago

From The MPTC RoadStars Page: Our NLEX Family members who took part in our first MPTC Virtual Run

Running is the king of cardio. Running even for just a few minutes a day could do wonders to your body. It also appeals to almost everyone since it does not cost a lot and can be done any time it suits your schedule. In spite of this, running may not be your cup of tea when it comes to exercising. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing restrictions on going to the gym and putting other types of exercise on hold, running may currently be one of the best options to keep one’s self physically active.

To promote active and healthy lifestyle during social-distancing era, MPTC Roadstars and OneLife launched a joint project called the First MPTC Virtual Run. The aim of the Virtual Run is to encourage, inspire and motivate people to improve their mental and physical health through running and exercise.

Runners were given the option to select their own mode of running exercise such as choosing their own trail, using an exercise equipment like treadmill, or having a conventional run around their community. This joint project is a unique opportunity for people during this time of community quarantine to be physically and mentally active in the safety and within the convenience of their own homes.

Below is a slideshow with the names and race results of the participants.

The benefits of running include prevention of high blood pressure, weight loss, increased bone density, lessens the effects of asthma, boosts the immune system, reduces the effects of diabetes, and promotes joint strength and stability. However, the vast benefits of running extends beyond just physical as it also improves one’s overall mental health by considering running as a form of meditation. The time spent running gives a person time to clear their mind and collect their thoughts.

This virtual run is all about conquering the virus by staying healthy and active during this pandemic while practicing social distancing and staying indoors.

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