All is Well with Noel

By Jovit D. Caballero

His name sounds familiar, right? That’s because he is NLEX Corporation’s most trusted sound system guy on various company events. Mr. Noel Aliwalas, a 53-year-old married man and a father of two teenagers from Malolos City, is currently assigned as an IT-Telecom Network Specialist under the Technology Division. This technician may always be seen backstage, but for now, the spotlight is on him as he is our first featured employee to kick-start 2023.

Noel, together with his parents and 3 other siblings, was born a tough kid who always plays in the streets of Tondo, Manila, and goes home every afternoon with small scratches or a busted lip. During his elementary days, the whole family moved to Valenzuela City where he spent most of his younger years. Known for his strong personality, he quickly gained the respect of his peers. He is the bunong braso champ who also acts as his friend’s and older sister’s defender from school bullies. This is also where he discovered his creative side as he entered and won several drawing and painting contests and was named Artist of the Year. Despite these extracurricular activities, he still managed to balance his academic achievements and be included in the Top 10 students of their batch.

In his high school years, he continued to pursue his passion for the arts and made a way to earn small profits from it. He sold several charcoal and pastel portraits and enrolled in a Woodworking and Lamination Short Course under the National Manpower and Youth Council. Noel is also the go-to guy whenever the school needs backdrops and props for school events. Wanting to explore his musical interests, he attempted to join the bandurya and rondalla band, however, being the eldest son and the responsibilities that came along with it, he was not able to pursue it. During his Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT), his uncompromising nature was showcased whenever he stood up for what he thought is unjust and unreasonable such as the requirement to shave his best asset at that time – his mustache. Nevertheless, Noel still flourishingly graduated with flying colors.

Instead of going to college right away, he opted to find a job in order to give way for his younger brother’s school expenses and potentially save money for his college plans. In Perlas Polyclinic at Caloocan City, he was assigned to do various tasks which he managed to accomplish well – a medical assistant to doctors, a merchandiser at a supermarket, a front desk assistant at a drug store, and a sous chef at a bakery.

He then applied to the United Janitorial and Manpower Services (UJAMS) as a Team Leader of a utility service crew assigned at the Coco Life Insurance Building. Noel spent 2 years working for the firm when he noticed that he already saved enough money to finance his studies. While still working at UJAMS, he enrolled in a Computer Technician course at the AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC). He also accepted an Assistant Technician sideline at the Technology and Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC) offered by one of his professors at ACLC. With all his hard work and dedication, Noel successfully finished his college years bringing with him all acquired knowledge and skills.

His internship at the TLRC opened the opportunity for him to be immediately hired at the same company after graduation. He became an official computer technician who was also assigned to guide On-the-Job Trainees including Mr. Elmer Villafranca who rendered services to NLEX Corporation as well and is currently assigned at the MPT South Management Corporation.

Upon his resignation from TLRC and prior to his employment with NLEX Corporation, Noel decided to establish his own computer maintenance firm – the Aliwalas Computer Services, which caters to some government offices. This is when he met his lovely wife, Charito, who became his business partner. But their relationship as husband and wife is not always rainbows and butterflies. Charito’s first pregnancy is what the couple considered as their most difficult challenge to date.

During the 7th month of gestation, Noel and his wife went to the OB-GYN to confirm the child’s gender. This is when the doctor found a small hole in its kidney which made the child weaker. This finding came as a bolt from the blue, both of them were shocked and immediately rushed to other hospitals to have a second opinion. It was the same findings over and over again.

On a certain night after three weeks of non-stop consultations and devotions, Noel noticed that no more little movements could be seen on Charito’s baby bump. This triggered them to quickly schedule an emergency checkup with their OB-GYN and this is when their whole world crashed. The doctor confirmed that the baby had already died inside the mother’s womb. Since fetal demise can cause changes in the body’s clotting system, the baby was removed after five days.

The couple’s challenges did not end there as 4 months after the baby’s death, Charito got pregnant again. No similar concerns were encountered during the 9 months of pregnancy. However, during the actual delivery, the umbilical cord coiled up the baby’s neck, hence, the baby was not breathing when it was delivered. By the grace of God, the infant was revived and brought back to life.

After these circumstances which changed his perspectives in life, Noel continued to do what he knows best – that’s to provide all the needs of his loved ones, no matter what, while still being true to his core values. Indeed, all is well with Noel.

Jovit D. Caballero, Tollways Development and Engineering. Jovit entered the company as a TAP trainee in 2014 and is currently assigned as a Contracts Engineer. He is a photography hobbyist who wants to explore his artistic and creative side. He is a foodie who is also a big fan of reality and game shows. As an adventurous guy, he is open to trying new things and ultimately achieves his goal to travel the world. G?

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