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2020: The Year I Rediscovered my Passion for Art Through SB19 

by Beverly May D. Ramos

If I’m asked what positive thing 2020 has left me, I’d say it would be my rediscovery of my passion for drawing and painting. Before the pandemic, most of my free time would either be spent on mindless scrolling on social media or series of naps. After a whole month of ECQ where I was stuck at home with not much to do, I got tired of the monotonous routine. 

To deal with the anxiety caused by the pandemic, I started painting portraits again. I tried to relearn using watercolors. During that time, I also had a growing fascination with SB19, a five member Filipino Pop boy group. So I painted a portrait of each member; Josh, Sejun, Stell, Ken, and Justin.

My inputs for ArtSB19’s collaborative art project for Stell and Josh’s birthday. We made a collage of fanarts using the red and green color palette and photobook of a video game as inspiration for fanarts for Josh. 

Sharing these portraits on Twitter lead me to SB19’s fandom, A’tin. And within this online community is ArtSB19, a group of fan artists who want to bring new color to the fandom. They have collaborative projects and art challenges. There are times where we chat about anything that sparks our interest.

I have been trying to explore new styles to find what I’d be comfortable with. I experimented with different palettes and textures for these fanarts for Ken and Justin.

Joining ArtSB19 gave me more inspiration and motivation to improve and do more artworks. But my art supplies were limited and being in ECQ, buying more was difficult. Luckily for me, ArtSB19 has lots of digital artists who were more than willing to help co-members in learning use of new medium. Different references were shared on the group for improving and learning the use of a variety of medium. This includes tips and guidelines for digital painting using Android applications. 

This is a cover art for an AU (Alternate Universe Fan Fiction). I made this as part of another ArtSB19 Project. Parallel Destiny, written by Twitter user @arlabyu2, features Paulo surviving an accident that caused the death of his partner, Stell. In his anger and grief, Paulo somehow entered a parallel universe where Stell is alive but he is the one who is dead.  

I downloaded the different applications that they recommended and explored their different features. I started painting again, this time using my phone. Three of my favorites were Medibang Paint, Sketchbook by Autodesk, and Ibis Paint. But it was Ibis Paint that I got most comfortable with. It also has lots features like different brushes, backgrounds, and layer options. This is what I used for my succeeding fanarts.

ArtSB19 has daily challenges wherein a theme is given and we must make a fanart based on that. One of the themes was Renaissance, so I tried painting Sejun in a style inspired by the Mona Lisa.

Yes, 2020 has not been the best year, but having this passion back and meeting a few people who appreciate my works made it a little better. Painting helped a lot in maintaining my mental health despite the problems brought by the pandemic. I might have lost a few things but I gained new skills and new friends.

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