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Starting 2021 Right with New Years’ Resolutions

by Kim Santiago

New Year is almost here and it’s time to set our yearly resolutions. Now is the time to reevaluate life choices, set goals, and stick to them. The start of the year is the perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make. It’s the time when everyone starts working out, saving up, and working for their dreams.

Now’s your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important work and lifestyle changes you want to make this coming year. Here are some of our co-employees’ new year’s resolutions to make their 2021 the best year ever!

“My new year’s resolution ever since is to ensure the safety of our motorists and to always give my 100% to provide quality service. 2020 has been cruel to us and it is never too late to invest in our physical and mental health. My goal is to find activities that will be good for me while enjoying it. “

Ronna Mae Ersando, TCR 

“My new year’s resolution for 2021 is to lose weight and to focus on my healthy routine. Also, to pursue travel plans that were postponed this 2020.

– Mark Joseph Teodoro, Technology

“My new year’s resolution is to spend less money on material things and more on memorable experiences with family and friends, like travelling or hiking that leads to greater happiness and fulfillment in life.”

Pinky Sunglao, Asset Management

“My new year’s resolutions are: to live my life for God, be kind to everyone, spend more time with my family, enjoy life to the fullest, earn and save more money for our future, be organized, and help others the best I can.”

– Paeng Roque, Compliance and Business Excellence

“This year made me realize how blessed I am to be part of MPTC – which stood by all of us in this difficult time. With this, my new year’s resolutions are to be more active in the upcoming MPTC activities and to be a team player to ensure that all goals of the company will be achieved.”

– Christine Joy Guballa, HRAD

“This coming year, I want to give significance to learning. With this in mind, I plan to finish one book per month.”

– Marjorie Bernardo, Project Management

While you may be worried about your resolutions not lasting, having a clear goal will always deliver more improvements than having none at all. To set yourself up for success, be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) about your resolutions. Also, remember to reward yourself regularly and not give up after a setback. After all, changing both your behavior and mindset is never easy, but it certainly is worth the effort. Let’s all make our 2021 the best year ever!!

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