Always on the Go

By Cherry M. Roxas

NLEX operates 24/7, and for those who belong to the Operations Division, part of our commitment is to provide quality service during the holidays and peak season where a high volume of vehicles is expected. While every member of our family is excited to have gatherings and spend quality time together, many of our colleagues from the Operations Division are busy performing their duties and responsibilities to be able to give an excellent and responsive customer service to our motorists.

Here are some insights from our colleagues on how they respond to the needs of the company during peak season: 

CLARISSA D. NILLO – Toll Supervisor, Toll Operations Department, 17 years in service 

As the word implies, our daily work needs a quick and positive reaction and decision in different situations. Besides our workstation, there is a two-way radio, 3 intercoms and 2 landlines for easy communication to address concerns easily. We manage to relay instructions to other departments about what needs to be done. Not just the words they hear from us, but the confidence they get from us, is what makes this job more satisfying. 

LEIGH RANDALL KING – Verification Supervisor, Toll Operations Department,13 years in service 

In operations, responsiveness is particularly important in ensuring that internal and external customer needs are being addressed. As we are approaching this Christmas season, we expect a high volume of traffic and an increase in customer concerns. Plaza meeting and coordination meetings are our key to properly respond quickly and positively to our motorists. By this, we learn and understand their requirements so we can give them a seamless trip on our expressway. We pay attention and focus on our goal in attaining their needs. “Dapat advance tayo mag-isip, wala pa yung problema na solusyunan na natin.”  

NICOLAI C. DAVID – Patrol Crew, Traffic Operations Department, 18 years in service 

All things come easier and fulfilling when you love and enjoy what you are doing. With my 18 years in service in Traffic Operations, it has been my passion to give excellent customer service to our motorists, especially during peak season or holidays because this is the time that they need assistance the most. Together with the whole team, we make strategic plans in case there is traffic build up in different areas. We focus on our goal all the time. 

ARNIE DC. GONGON – Toll Plaza Operation Associate, Toll Operations Department, 5 years in service  

Peak seasons and holiday duty can be thrilling and fulfilling times of work. I get to enjoy helping our motorists despite the long queue of vehicles, non-stop inquiries, and complaints from irate customers. You will never get tired of doing your routine repeatedly if you value your company and the memories you create with your colleagues. Together with our Cluster Heads and Toll Supervisors, they made things easier for us to perform our job. You may be away from your families during the holiday season, but at work, you have your second HOME. 

Cherry M. Roxas, Toll Operations Department Toll Supervisor from Cluster 1.  Cherry has been with the company since 2005.  She loves organizing events and enjoys dealing with other people.  A firm believer in “God makes all things beautiful in His time”.