An Intimate Conversation with JLLB

By Mark Johnson C. Gil

The best of life is conversation.

Stephen Covey

Last March 30, 2023, 15 employees from Technology had the chance to interact with NLEX President and GM, J. Luigi L. Bautista during the Round Table at TOCB Conference Room, Mabalacat Pampanga. The round table discussion gave them an opportunity to deeply interact with JLLB. The participants also enjoyed asking questions and listening to JLLB’s sharing of experiences and learnings throughout his career and personal life.

Here are some of the feedback from the participants regarding their round table experience;

Mabelle Joy C. Zuniga, Telecoms & Network Specialist

It was a great experience attending the Round Table with Sir Luigi. It was an informal discussion, which made us employees more comfortable to open up. We had the chance to raise and address concerns, and had detailed discussions directed to our president.

Sir JLLB is very approachable and very open to answering questions. We got to know him more.

He shared personal experiences and gave advice, tips, and life lessons that really inspired me. Looking forward to the next roundtable with Sir Luigi! 😊

Aissa Serrina Barrientos, Executive Secretary I

Meeting with Sir Luigi was a humbling experience. Even though he is the NLEX President, he sees to it to respond to all our queries allowing us to know about Sir Luigi more as a person and individual.  I am grateful and appreciative of Sir Luigi’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Thank you for this opportunity to meet an admirable President.

Charles Limpin, Central Core Systems Senior Specialist

It was a great honor to be with the President of the company in a light talk way. I learned a lot from him like being strong in times of trouble and being a God-fearing person. Thank you very much sir JLLB and to our HR who organized this activity.

Angelito D. Dilag, Toll Systems Specialist

Maraming salamat, nakilala ko si Boss JLLB kahit lang sa kaunting oras na face to face. More power kay Sir JLLB.

Mark Johnson C. Gil, Human Resources and Administration. MJ is a certified ailurophile but he’s also fond of any pets and other animals. He loves to travel for foods, adventures, and natures, capturing moments and keeping memories to each destination. He may be an adventurous one, but he’s also a God-fearing person.