Ano ang tumatak sa iyo about I-CARE?

By Paula C. Caliboso

Change is a force that always pushes things forward. Whether you’re comfortable with it or not, things will change, and preparing yourself for that change helps you to be better equipped for the future.

The Daily Campus

In these times, we are already transforming into a digital world, and being customer-obsessed, we are focused on our goal to meet every need of the people. Last May 06, 2022, we launched our new set of corporate values – I-Care, that will help and guide us to achieve those changing demands of our customers. Some of our co-workers in PMD shared what has been marked in them in the I-Care Launch. 

Paula C. Caliboso, Tollways Development and Engineering. Pau is an adventurous person who is willing to try just about anything. She also enjoys acting and joining contests. She is also into traveling and she loves to capture every moment of it so she does vlogging, and that led her to join Northlink, as she thinks this will help her improve her skills.