Blazing New Trails Toward Sustainability, NLEX Holds Annual Strategic Planning for 2023

By Sam S. Escolano

Post-pandemic, one of the strengthened aspects of NLEX Corporation is its financial management, including its better investment decisions on projects. This strength is displayed in the NLEX 2023 Annual Strategic Planning Conference held last September 1 and 2, 2022, at the Manila Marriot Hotel.

Themed “Blazing New Trails Toward Sustainability”, the conference was attended by NLEX Corporation managers and was the platform for each of the company’s divisions to present its proposed plans for 2023.

iCARE MANAGERS. Strewn in iCARE colors, NLEX Managers displayed that innovation, corporate sustainability, agility, responsiveness, and excellence are integral values in coming up with each division’s plans.

To provide context to the planning conference, REF presented MPTC’s group business direction and strategy, and TOW presented the company’s financial updates. PNB’s VP Head of Research Division and Economist Alvin Arogo also presented the economic and market outlook for 2022 and 2023.

TRAILBLAZER. To provide guidance to the NLEX 2023 Strategic Planning Conference, REF presented the MPTC group’s business direction.

After the opening presentations, each division’s objective, targets, plans, and initiatives, including the corresponding budget, were presented. The divisions also answered queries and comments to the presentations, and are also scheduled to further discuss its plans and budget during its one-to-one with Finance. These presentations allowed NLEX to clearly define its goals and financing for 2023.

JLLB closed the planning conference by succinctly emphasizing the key points and company thrusts for 2023. He exhorted NLEX managers to “move beyond, transcend the challenges, and lead the change.”

Besides the exhortation, JLLB’s last slide, an excerpt of one of John F. Kennedy’s speeches, aptly summarizes NLEX’s drive to blaze new trails toward sustainability: “the world is changing, the old era is ending, the old ways will not do.”

PAVING A WAY. Finance division hosted the conference, rotating its managers for hosting duties. Annel Ros and Nikko Larin are the first hosts of the conference.

Photos from: NLEX Finance

Sam S. Escolano, Tollways Development and Engineering. Sam is a manager of Contracts Administration for NLEX construction projects. He is deeply into music, leadership, and service. He loves life, his family, and his NLEX family.