Bring Back the Smile!

By Elreene Venice C. Hufana


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Angry, neutral, or happy? The first two choices are never acceptable when dealing with our customers. As a service-oriented company, Customer Focus is one of our company’s core values. A value which plays a vital role in achieving our company’s vision:

At all times, we are the leader in the tollways industry, providing the ultimate expressway experience in the region – as we remain at the forefront in innovation and service, driven by our greatly valued and highly engaged people.

The Toll Collection Department ensures that our front liners are always at their best when interacting with our valued motorists. In line with that objective, a workshop entitled “Bring Back the Smile”, conducted by the very energetic speaker Mr. Joey Pacheco, was held last year to inspire and motivate our toll collection employees to always give the gift of their best smiles to our motorists.

The workshop emphasized that it is not only important for our company to be on top, but we should also ensure that we continuously stay on the top by delivering delight to our customers through service with pleasing attitude. It was also inculcated to everyone that if we serve happy, our customers will also be happy and become more loyal with our services. The happier the customers are with our services, the stronger the company becomes, which will translate to happier employees.

Happy? Let us always be!

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