Building Values Through Culture

By Jovit D. Caballero

Culture shapes the way we see things and live our lives. It definitely affects how we view ourselves and others. Our society and the environment where we spend most of our time influence our decisions, which ultimately reflect our values. 

One living proof of these statements is Ms. Liza Clutario who is currently assigned as an Asset Tagging and Inventory Senior Associate of the Connector Road Project Section 2. With her shy and timid nature, no one ever had a clue about all the striking achievements and life accomplishments she conquered while in the bowling community. 

At the early age of 10, Liza was introduced to the bowling world by his uncle who happened to be a supplier of bowling bags. Together, they frequently used to deliver these products at the Green Lanes Bowling Club in Greenhills, San Juan, and whenever there was free time, they bonded over playing the sports. 

One lucky day, a professional bowler spotted them, and he was amazed by young Liza’s natural forms and techniques. Coach Benny offered to train her so she can join bowling clubs and competitions that can greatly help her financially and pursue her passion as well. For two consecutive years, she trained hard every day until she needed to go to high school. 

Since bowling is not commonly a sport whose athletes receive much recognition, especially in schools, Liza encountered a dilemma in the continuous pursuit of her bowling dreams. But, with the support from her family and with the values instilled by her guardians, Liza bravely faced the challenge of integrating studies and training at the same time. 

During high school, she joined different clubs within Metro Manila including the San Juan Bowling Association. She joined and won several competitions, such as the Philippine International Open Tournament, and tried out for the Philippine Nation Team Youth Division. Luckily, she was one of the chosen ones to represent the country in various contests locally and internationally. Before she even graduated, she already brought pride to the Philippines and traveled around the world including Russia, Germany, USA, Thailand, Qatar, South Korea, Dominican Republic, and many more. 

In college, she took up Business Management at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran and continued to do balancing of her studies and training. But due to the increasing financial demand, she also decided to work as a bowling shop clerk at night. With this set-up, Liza greatly developed her time management skill, which has been proven to be very useful for her up to now. 

During her college years, she continued to represent the country in a number of international competitions. Some of her most major accomplishments were way back in 2003, when she joined the World Bowling Championship in Malaysia, and in 2005, when she was selected to be regarded as a member of the National Team in the Southeast Asian Games held here in the Philippines. For both events, she bagged one gold medal and three silver medals, which later were recognized by her university. 

As a medalist, Liza had been receiving prizes and monthly allowances from the government until she stopped last 2017 to give way for new athletes.  By this time, Liza was already able to save some money, enough to buy a new car and a house that are all dedicated to her parents. 

In 2018, a co-bowler endorsed her to Mr. Kurt Mendoza during the MVP Olympics bowling team training. Sir Kurt encouraged her to apply for a position in NLEX Corporation so she can represent us in the upcoming MVP Olympics, which she did. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the competition was postponed, but Liza is still hopeful to represent the company in the future. 

Being part of the Commercial Team under the Project Management Department, Liza showcases the values she learned and acquired from all her life experiences. She uses her multi-tasking skills to account for all assets that need tagging, her time management skills to do site and office work efficiently, her discipline and agility to always be on time and deliver outputs quickly, and her athleticism for all the required physical work and the need to always obey and follow company rules. 

Just recently, Liza received recognition from the City Government of Valenzuela honoring her contribution to sports. She is also included on the city’s Wall of Fame awarded personally by the newly proclaimed mayor, Hon. Wes Gatchalian. 

As a popular saying goes, “Values are caught, not taught”. Just like at home – or in any environment you are used to – including our workplace, we can build our values depending on the culture we want to establish. Indeed, the environment we create determines culture, culture shapes values, and values can determine our future.  

Jovit D. Caballero, Tollways Development and Engineering. Jovit entered the company as a TAP trainee in 2014 and is currently assigned as a Contracts Engineer. He is a photography hobbyist who wants to explore his artistic and creative side. He is a foodie who is also a big fan of reality and game shows. As an adventurous guy, he is open to trying new things and ultimately achieves his goal to travel the world. G?

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