Letter from the Editor

Good day colleagues in NLEX Corp!

Today marks the birth of NORTHLINK, the Employee Newsletter of NLEX Corporation. The name was coined from the vision of LINKING MPT NORTH employees with one another, through the delivery of relevant, informative, and entertaining stories to our readers.

In behalf of the NORTHLINK Editorial Board, it is my honor to present to you our maiden issue which centers on the theme #OneNLEXCorp. The theme for this issue is in line with our 2018 newsletter theme of #BuildAsOne. In order to support these themes, we’ve prepared articles that highlight shared experiences between former MNTC and TMC employees who are now united under #OneNLEXCorp.

In the “President’s Message”, REF emphasizes how our expressways become instrumental to nation building. Get to know the other side most employees may not be aware about our Technology and Operations Division Head Bobby Bontia in “Take It Lighty”. Sam Escolano and I pay tribute to our fallen heroes as we explore the rich culture and flavorful cuisine of the province of Tarlac in “Food + Trip”. We’ll look back at some of the biggest company events during the past months in our special photo collage. All these and more await you, our dear readers, as you unfold the pages of this issue of Northlink.

To improve the contents of our upcoming issues, we invite everyone to answer our short survey which may be accomplished through the survey form or web link provided with your copy of the newsletter.

Finally, we hope that you will enjoy reading this newsletter as much as we enjoyed preparing it for all of you!

Elvin Cruz
Northlink Editor-in-Chief


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