Resilience in the Face of Adversity

by Paul A. Torres

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The pandemic has spread fear and uncertainty to everyone and with it comes challenges that we must endure. Some businesses have been forced to close, many have lost their jobs, social distancing has been set in motion, and remote work has taken over. This quarantine has taught us to be less selfish through understanding that we’re all interconnected, that we all share this world and its issues with others.

These troubling times also brought an opportunity for the people at Metro Pacific Tollways to work closely together and help one another. We have to be resilient in the face of adversity, thus a number of significant decisions and adjustments has been implemented for us to achieve our goals.

NLEX Corporation’s leadership has been consistent in helping out our kababayans by keeping the roads open all throughout the lockdown period, all while ensuring that the safety of its employees is of utmost priority.  We at Southbend Express Services Inc. have also been working together with different business units to ensure that we provide a safer environment for our employees and motorists. Adjustments in the operations along with new practices were set in place.

As to how our group responded to this pandemic, let me share our very own Mr. MVP’s message from a newspaper article published a few weeks ago which influenced the actions that we’ve made:

This pandemic showed us what really matters – – – it is doing the right thing and understanding and honoring the fact that good deeds done in unity leads to a better world.

The challenges that lie ahead may be tough, but one thing is for sure, we can overcome them if work together as one. Kayang-kaya basta sama-sama.

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