Happy New Normal!

by Christine R. Salvania

2020 has been particularly challenging for everyone. The pandemic is still ongoing, and the recent calamities left a trail of devastation in its tracks. It is important to remember that despite a lot of events happening that are totally out of our control, what we have control of is ourselves. We are given the freedom to choose, so we need to be responsible for our actions and decisions. Usually, the things that make us truly happy and content in the end are the right things, and the things that God permits. 

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As we move towards the tenth month of the pandemic, our Christmas celebration might feel very different to what we’re used to. There will likely be more virtual holiday activities, less travel, and smaller celebrations. But this Christmas, we just have to do things a bit differently, and let us just focus on the ones that really matter – – – our families.

While challenges will continue, let us not forget to continually move forward together with gratitude and appreciation of the blessings that we received

We at Corporate Governance will also continue to advocate and endeavor more CG-related awareness campaigns in order to make a difference in whatever capacity, in order to contribute to the betterment of our employees, our organization, and our society, for His greater glory.

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From all of us at the Corporate Governance Office, we wish you a Merry Christmas! Let us put Christ in Christmas. He came to give us an example of how to live a good life, to show how we can be the best version of ourselves, and He came to encourage us to live with integrity. And best of all, His sacrifice gave us the gift of eternal life – – – and that is truly worth-celebrating. 

Let us do the best we can to keep each other safe. We wish you all a prosperous new year and a blessed 2021.

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