By Elreene Venice C. Hufana

We have started the year with a new goal in sight – to get the Investors in People Platinum certification. From being IIP Gold Certified, targeting the recertification is another impressive journey that NLEX Corporation bravely chose to face.

With every new goal, we need a solid group of champions to prepare our people. We have reached out to some of them and asked how they are coping with the task of leading each division toward our big goal. With a combination of seasoned and rookie champions, we sure have an effective team that we trust to lead us with the journey

Michael G. Mallari, Paralegal, IIP Champion Legal Services Division

Michael is our IIP Champion from Legal Services Division

As an IiP Champion, I make certain that all relevant items in our division are settled and soon to be carried out as well through strings of related activities and practices. As we aim for the IIP Platinum Certification, I will bend over backwards to engage my colleagues to put this preparation and execution in consistency as we are all genuine IIP Champions by heart!

Marc Angelo M. Zambrano, Senior Engineer – Bridges & Interchanges, IIP Champion Civil Asset Management Division

Macoy was one of the Champions who led us to the IIP Gold certification.

Being an IiP champion is a great privilege; it gives me a sense of responsibility and pride as a future leader of the company. The roles that were given to us may not be grand or related to our field, but it gives us a sense of achievement to contribute to the company in other ways. The most important thing about our role is, we get to know our colleagues much deeper than before, and we are building relationships, connections, and brotherhood that makes the company closer to one another. You can feel the unity that is building. 

Daryl E. Tubaon, Quantity and Cost Senior Specialist, IIP Champion Tollway Development and Engineering Division

Dah is one of the champions of TDE Group.

I always look forward to handling cross-posting work as it shows that the role given to me is entrusted to me and that I can achieve it in its most proper quality of output. That’s why handling responsibility beyond my normal workload, like being the IIP Champion, is a challenging, yet exciting role on my end as I can contribute to the company’s goals. I always consider this a part of my main working system, providing time, setting personal schedules to study and review what it needs to be an IIP Champion, and making sure to take part in any activities related to this is being met.

Christopher G. Balajadia, Telecoms and Network Supervisor, IIP Champion Technology Division

Topey is leading the Technology Division.

As an IIP champion, it is my responsibility to establish and facilitate the re-alignment of individual perspectives towards the company’s goals, visions, programs, cultures, and policies. Communicating in a transparent and constructive manner through coaching management sessions, goal presentations, and roll-out programs will create a common mindset and intensify individual insights. Construct an interactive environment to enhance involvement and envision individual worthiness. Present active corporate recognitions, wellness and innovation programs, and development plan to intensify motivation and manifest career growth.

Myrene B. De Leon, Security Admin Specialist, IIP Champion Operations Division

Myrene is one of the IIP Champions of our Security Group.

Una po sa lahat, masaya ako dahil isa po ako sa pinagkatiwalaan ninyo para sa role na ito. May kaba akong nararamdaman dahil baka ganito… baka ganun…. baka hindi ko kaya! Pero ang nagpalakas po ng loob ko ay yung kung anong samahan meron ang Traffic Ops at Sec Ops. Alam ko pong suportado ako ng mga kasamahan ko, ako pa din ang Ate Mye nila mula noon hanggang ngayon, walang nagbago. Hindi naman po lingid sa ating lahat kung paano magpahalaga at mag alaga ng empleyado si NLEX Corporation. Ako po ay proud na proud na empleyado ng NLEX Corporation.

Florencio B. Arrojo, Jr., Toll Plaza Operations Associate, IIP Champion Operations Division

Renz is a new champion chosen by Toll Operations Department.

Being an IiP champion is a challenging yet knowledgeable and enjoyable role. I am truly honored to be chosen as one of the IiP Champions. With the task given to me to take part in presenting and cascading the IiP, I am able to share with my colleagues my insights and experiences as an employee and inform them what the IiP is all about. Through this activity, we can learn from one another. We encourage them to share their thoughts, best practices, and experiences as well. This cascading serves as an avenue to share our company’s best practices with everyone. By doing so, we can all be the catalysts to influence significant change and encourage everyone to give their best for us to achieve our goal – the Platinum level for this year’s IiP recertification.

Elreene Venice C. Hufana, Toll Operations Department. She started as a SCTEX Toll Teller and is now a Toll Supervisor. She loves reading books with no preferred genre as long as the book is interesting. Other than reading, she loves watching movies and series most specifically K-Dramas.

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