Chinese New Year in NLEX

By Kathleen O. Sugui

With the COVID-19 cases now on a continuous decline, in-person gatherings have resumed, including our company’s yearly tradition of celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Together with other MVP groups, NLEX Corporation participated in the special occasion.

The celebration started with a lion and dragon dance to usher in good luck and prosperity. The lion and dragon visited our offices in NLEX Balintawak starting with the Integrity Building, Excellence Building, and Customer Focus Building.

Employees enjoyed the festive afternoon as they collected good luck coins and sweets.

To make the occasion even more special, simple afternoon snacks including the Chinese New Year staple, tikoy, were also prepared for employees.

It was so nice to celebrate together once again! May this year bring along many new projects and take our business to new heights. Happy Chinese New Year!

Kathleen O. Sugui, Corporate Communication. Kate writes to escape reality and explain reality. She desperately needs a cup of coffee to get herself settled in a space of writing. She also likes to listen to classical music for her to stop wandering for a long time until she finds the piece that connects with the image, sentence, sound, or impulse that will open up a scene or moment of the story. Aside from coffee shops, she can be spotted at a nearby event or at the park, walking her dogs.

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