COC Admin Learning Workshop: Progressive Corrective Action 

By Madz G. Barcelona

The Legal Services and Human Resources collaborated to hold a learning workshop entitled “Progressive Corrective Action”.   

The first batch was held last October 26, 2022 at the Annex Training Rooms. 

The objective was to address discipline-related problems or incidents in their respective work areas. 

Here are some of the feedback from the participants: 

“Thank you HRAD for the COC Learning workshop, our updated code of commitment truly guides us on how we should act at the workplace.”

Roland Infiesto, Traffic Operations Supervisor 

It’s a great learning opportunity and an avenue for clarification of some COC concerns. My key takeaway is that COC should be corrective rather than punitive in nature.”

Migs Petilo, Sector Head.

“I’ve learned the importance of corrective action and that it needs to be firm and fair. It is very important that every employee must be knowledgeable about company policies. This is a great tool to know and understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable on the job. With these learnings, I am able to lead and motivate the team to perform well.”

Jennifer Lomerio, Toll Supervisor 

“This retooling workshop provides up-to-date resources like forms and updated COC provisions that cater to the specific incident. These resources enable us to go through the proper and right process in handling administrative cases.  The given scenario added to my awareness of dealing with different situations.”

MJ Valencia, Traffic Operations Supervisor 

“I was looking forward to this Learning Workshop and it exceeded my expectations.  Thank you so much!”

Frances David, Toll Supervisor 

“In attending this kind of seminar, I can now identify or address the employee performance and behavioral issues in our company.  As a manager, this can help me to enforce disciplinary action by offering employees an opportunity to correct issues before escalating punishment. This seminar also enlightens me on how to properly implement our own company policies in a fair and structured manner.”

Marlon Buenaventura, Telecom and Network Manager 

“Overall, the learning experience was great! The workshop activities and practical examples are engaging, helpful, and insightful.”

Jenny Enriquez, Contracts Admin Manager 

“The conducted COC Admin Learning Workshop increased my awareness and confidence on how to recognize and handle ethical issues I may encounter in the workplace. The topics were relatable situations, reinforcing the message that rules and policies apply to all employees, whether they are onsite or working in a remote environment. It equipped me with a cultural and behavioral guide, a reference for making the right decisions during ethical dilemmas when there are grey areas in job roles, and when choices are not clear-cut. The workshop empowered us to speak up whenever we see or suspect wrongdoing.  A strong message was sent that creating an ethical work culture is a priority and everyone’s responsibility.”

Polly Condat, Verification Asst Manager 

“The COC Admin Learning Workshop is a big help to me as one of the Immediate Superior in our area to know the different concepts and principles of Progressive Corrective Action and learned how to identify the type of Problem Employees and conduct effective corrective action in accordance with the Company’s Policies. Also, when to apply proper counseling/verbal discussions to Concerned Employee and how to conduct Administrative Investigation including preparation of the Case Report.”

Ford Bogas, ESH Manager 

Madz G. Barcelona, Human Resources and Administration. She considers herself as a team player who brings out the best in every person. She enjoys organizing things to make them simpler and better. Madz always gives her best in serving others, especially her loved ones.