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Of Superheroes and NLEX

by Sam Escolano

Superhero flicks have evolved from Marvel’s last-ditch effort in Iron Man to being a modern mythology, captivating the hearts and minds of movie-goers and streamers everywhere.

What is it about superhero films that enamors us? Robin Rosenberg of the Smithsonian Magazine1 explains that we, as humans, are drawn to the superhero’s coping with adversity, discovery of strength and meaning despite loss, and their resolve to do good despite challenges.

It is the discovery of that inner strength and coping with adversity, both as NLEX employees and as an organization, that will allow NLEX to thrive amidst adversities. In this issue, we endeavored to journal super stories :

  • In The Podium, our Chief Financial Officer highlights NLEX’s choice to thrive and not just survive in the midst of adversities;
  • In Post It, we showcase how NLEX empowers its employees despite the pandemic, and how NLEX innovates to provide a quarantine facility for its personnel; and
  • In Humans at NLEX, we narrate Elvin Cruz’s journey and thriving against cancer.

It is with high spirits that the Northlink Editorial Team presents this issue. NLEX Tayo, Nagpapasalamat, Nagpapahalaga.

1 The Psychology Behind Superhero Origin Stories by Robin Rosenberg

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